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pests are most prominent domestic criminals. If you unknowingly invite them, then pests will make your home mess. Along with that, pests carry some infections and bacteria which can harm your health. So you must keep your house pest-free always.

If you have any garbage damp, pond, dirty place and dark area, then much amount of pests are increased due to these reasons. If you find some small pests  like cockroaches, fly, mosquitoes and other insects in your rooms, then you must try to prevent them immediately. These pests carry some bacteria which affect your health, and it may kill you also. So beware of these pests and prevent them with some organic ways.

Here are some simple steps for preventing pests:

  • Traps: you can place some traps like glue board at the corner of your home. These traps can control rodents like rats. Apart from that, you can use some spray in your rooms which can also prevent the pests. But before using these sprays, you must check their ingredients and all these pest controlsolutions must be chemical and toxic free.
  • Plants: There are some plants which can prevent pests. Some plants like garlic, cloves, sweet peas and cilantro is very effective as pest control plants. You do not need to harvest anything else with these plants, and try to place these organic plants in separate place and they work as barrier for pests.

  • Egg removals: pests increasevery fast and they spread their eggs in and around your home. If you do not clean your area with high power vacuum cleaners then they will affect your furniture as well as your health also. So clean the area with vacuum cleaner properly each day, and try to maintain the room with some fresheners all the time.
  • Pepper: pepper is very effective as pest control and you can spray it in your rooms. Especially you must spray pepper in the corners of your rooms also.
  • Bug spray: you can buy some bug sprays from your local medicine stores and spray them in your room. But when you spray this chemical in your rooms, you must keep this chemical away from your eyes and wash your hand after applying these sprays. Along with that, you must wash your rooms with some vinegar after using these sprays.

How to keep your rooms clean and without pests?

  • Keep your rooms fresh and clean to prevent pests.
  • Prevent dampness and repair your wall cracks
  • Clean your drains, water resources and water storage places
  • Clean your garden also

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