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Like children and elderly who are unaware of their safety pets too are unconscious of their safety. We as adults have to guide them with words and equipments in order to protect them all time. As their parents it’s our moral duty to provide them with all comfort.

Different animals needs different pet safety equipments

Feather friends

For those feathery members back home you need to choose their pet safety equipments  with great care. Purchasing for your bird is somewhat like buying for your child.  There are different questions we end up asking like are the colours made from safe dye? Will my pet get hurt from the sharp edges? What the small pieces choke our pet?

Some needs of birds

  • Two cages- one for staying in it and the other while travelling. To house of the bird should be big and spacious so that your bird can move about without hindrance. For parrots the height of the cage should be such that parrot can climb easily as they have a tendency to do so.
  • Perches and ladder – the perches should be of wood. It should be a fat rod type so that your bird gets a good grip while perching on it.
  • Along with these water and food dishes are needed. A food grade cleaner for cleaning the mess is also required.
  • Toys – be careful when choosing toys. They should not be too small in size as it might be hazardous.

For cats and dogs

Pet safety equipments  for cats and dogs are almost similar. However, there is little difference in some of them equipments.

  • Bedding- when your pet sleeps it grows. In order to allow your pet to sleep comfortably what you need is a comfortable bed. For dogs big bedding is required while for cats a small one is good enough. The vetbed is mostly suggested. They are made from non allergic material generally sheep skin, they are machine washable and easily dried.
  • Car harness- important pet safety equipment  is the car harness while travelling. The best way to keep your puppy or kitten safe is having a crate in the car. The crate given comfort and security to your pet.
  • Hygiene- though this is not categorized into pet safety equipments  it is a safety product. Hygiene is essential for pets to keep them free from allergies and bad odour. In order to fight these issues organic cleaners should be used.
For wide ranges of pet safety equipments check online. Click here  for organized details on pet safety needs.


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