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Wind chimes have been used in India as well as some oriental cultures for many centuries. The melodious sounds of the chimes are very pleasant and lend a soothing ambience to your home. At the same time, nowadays you can find many different designs and styles of chimes which will also enhance the décor of the interior space. However, wind chimes are more than mere ornamental or musical instruments as they hold a very important position in the well known sciences of Indian Vastu shastra and Chinese Feng Shui. Both these sciences deal with the proper construction, furnishing and décor of the buildings which enhance the physical, mental and emotional well being of the people living or working in the building. Let us look at an example of a wind chime designed according the principles of Vastu shastra.

Grahashanti wind chime

This is a completely hand crafted wind chime and many hollow tubes are used to make it. According to Vastu if you suspend a five rod metallic chime in the western corner of your home it will bring happiness and mental rest to the family members. The five rods are representative of the five elements – air, water, earth, fire and space.

There is a hand painted rolling pin incorporated into the design which represents happiness in the kitchen which in turn brings harmony to the home. This chime enhances health if you hang it in the Brahma Sthana or the exact center of the house or the room. If it is hung in the North West it will bring many new opportunities into the life of the home owner. You can also suspend it at the entrance to bring in positive energy.

Science behind chimes

Sound has been used for ages to clear the negative energies and hence create a harmonious environment. There is also scientific evidence of the efficacy of the chimes in enhancing human well being. This is because when the chiming sound activates the right brain and makes it function in such a way as to provide relief from habitual logical thinking. This in turn de stresses people and relaxes them.

Of course wind chimes are commonly available in the market, but most of them are merely pleasant decorative and sound elements. However there are some companies that specialize in hand made wind chimes which have been crafted after conducting exhaustive research into the design and benefits of different types of chimes. These are wind chimes crafted as directed by our Vedic masters and follow the principles of Vastu shastra. This ensures that the chimes are in harmonic resonance with the universal frequencies and are properly aligned with both earth energies and celestial energies. When they are hung in the recommended directions in the house they promote a consistent flow of positive energy.

The best part is that these hand made Vastu wind chimes are also available in online stores that specialize in selling natural and traditional home improvement products. These websites are very user friendly and provide complete information about their products which help you to make an informed decision. If you want to look at such a website, you can click here.


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