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it is necessary to make the room fresh and you have to incorporate some organic and natural room fresheners for keeping your fresh and cool. You can place some fresheners like candles, perfumes, essential oils and even lemon juice in your house and it will create an aromatic home for you.

After a hectic schedule when you return your home and switch on your air-conditioner, you need a relaxed ambiance. But if your room smell disturbs your mind, then you cannot make your relaxed mood. So you must incorporate with some room fresheners in your rooms which can produce some aroma and it creates a good ambiance for your relaxation.

There are some natural ways to create the room fresheners as do it yourself method. You can find those ways here:

  1. Homemade lemon spray: pour some baking soda with two tea spoons of lemon juice and mix this with some water. Store it in the refrigerator for an hour and spray this in your room. It is recommended to apply these lemon room fresheners on your curtains and bed sheet. So the aroma will stay long and you can stay relaxed during the night.
  2. Soap cake: you can find many types of deodorizing disks in the local store. You can place them in your room and you can store them at any place of your rooms. You must check that your deodorizing disks should be toxin-free, because when you shut the doors and windows at night, this toxin can harm your brain. So you must use some toxin free shop bar as room fresheners.

  1. Lavender room fresheners: you can use some dry lavender with baking soda and store them in a jar. Before use them as room fresheners, you must shake it well.
  2. Orange: you can use some orange as your refrigerator fresheners. Cut the orange into small slice and putthem in a jar with water and salt. Then place it in your fridge and it can remove odor from your refrigerator. Similarly you can use these orange slices in your kitchen appliances and gadgets also.
  3. Vinegar: vinegar is very effective as room fresheners . Also you can wash your kitchen and utensils with some vinegar and before applying vinegar, you must mix it with some water. And apply it on the utensils, gadgets and you can wash your basin and furniture also. It extracts some good smell and it prevents bacteria.

How to choose your room fresheners?

  • Always choose the organic and natural room fresheners.
  • Do not use any toxic and chemical fresheners.
  • You must design the room with proper ventilation system.

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