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Whether people have reed diffusers, plug in fresheners, air sprays or not incense sticks are found in all houses. Incense sticks are used for fragrance inside houses especially in temples of the houses. Incense sticks are considered holy and uses in various auspicious occasions. Incense sticks has been widely related only one single purpose that is spreading fragrance in the entire house. However, there is scientific value attached to these incense sticks.

Fragrance is one important concern

Fragrance from incense sticks is known to add. Different incense sticks use different extracts to give different smell. Smells of different incense sticks are derived from flowers, stem, leaves and barks of trees.

Improves focus and concentration

Focus and concentration plays a major role when you light incense during work and studies.  For work which requires concentration the incense plays a big role. It clears the mind and the thoughts. It purifies the air and improves concentration. Monks have understood the value on incense long back and therefore widely use it in meditation.

Evokes creativity

Just like music and beauty is a muse to an artist, aroma is an inspiration to creative people. Aroma increases the flow of creativity. The scent of the incense makes the mind travel to different places. It sets soaring dreams without any barriers.

Increase positive energy

Incense is made from herbs. Herbs are organic. They have anti bacterial, anti fungal properties with which is increase the positive energy flows and fights negative energy.

Increases self confidence

Since incense sticks improves focus, creativity and positive energy it gives a boost of self confidence and allows one to perform much better than they thought they could.

Heightens sexual desires

Perfumes are used by people in order to bring the other sex closer. Incense sticks too do the same thing. With the power of the smell, the sense of smell arouses. These increase sexual attractions and appetite. As stated earlier incense also increases confidence and focus which allows partners to perform better in bed. Use incense sticks also to set the mood and turn your partner on.

Fights infections

As incense sticks have in them anti bacterial properties they fight different diseases. It purifies the surrounding and allows inhaling of fresh air.

Relieves headaches and resolves tension

Headaches can be cured smelling incense sticks. Incense sticks aroma soothes the nerves to cure headache and do away with tension and thus also high blood pressure. Incense sticks promote good sleep also.

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