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The Healthy Way to go for the Kill

Chemical pest control methods are known to be harmful to your health as well as the environment. These can enter your metabolic system and cause neurological Disorders, Parkinson’s Disease, Asthma, Leukemia etc. Choosing organic cockroach repellents is a smart way of reducing the chances of getting affected by these diseases. Here are a few ways as to how you can kill cockroaches without harming yourself.

  1. Coffee: Coffee is a decent remedy to kill cockroaches. The strong aroma of coffee kills cockroaches. Put organic coffee in small cups and place them in jars filled with water. Then place them in front of cockroach nests and see them being killed in no time.

  1. Herbal Repellent Sprays: Herbal repellents are effective and a safe method of killing cockroaches. These organic repellents are 100% non-poisonous and safe for humans and animals. These use ancient pest repellent formulas and are most suitable for household usage.

  1. Organic Mopping Sprays: Organic mopping sprays contain plant extracts and aromatic oils, which are capable of killing germs and pests effectively. Cockroaches breed in damp and dirty places. When your house is well vacuumed or cleaned regularly, cockroaches will not get a place to breed.

  1. Cockroach repellents with herbal oils- Herbal oils have disinfectant properties. Oils from herbs like Neem, lemongrass etc. is effective in killing cockroaches completely from households and other functional indoor areas. These repellents are 100% organic and therefore are less harmful than their chemical counterparts.

Ways to keep Cockroaches Away

While cockroach repellents are short-term strategies, you must adopt long-term measures.

  • Proper food storage: Food attracts cockroaches. Therefore, store food in tight containers that cockroaches can’t chew. Cardboard boxes are a strict no. Avoid keeping pet food uncovered.
  • Dispose Organic Waste properly: Composting requires proper fitting lids. Otherwise, it can breed cockroaches, flies and ants.
  • Fix water leakage: Damp places breed cockroaches. Therefore, it is essential that you fix dripping taps and change leaking pipes. Cockroaches thrive in humidity. Try to remove source of water, like flower pots, jars and trays. This will help in cutting down humidity inside your house.
  • Clean regularly: Clean your house regularly with a vacuum cleaner. It can reach the most inaccessible corners of your house and can clean cockroaches and their eggs. Clean your dishes and cooking utensils regularly.

Therefore, switch to natural ways to kill cockroaches and make your living space a healthy one. To know more about cockroach repellents you can explore Joy by Nature or click here.


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