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Fragrance oils are used widely. They are known by various names like scented oil, burning oils, potpourri oils and fragrant oils. They are have been used since time immemorial. They are different purposes for use. Fragrant oils are used for all purpose except for direct body application. They are used as ingredients for makeup but never as direct application oil. For fragrance in homes, cars, hotels and spas these oils are used widely. For all aromatherapy sessions fragrant oil is used. There are various flavours which they are available.

Some of the flavours of the oil are

  • Lavender
  • Rose
  • Temple Mogra
  • Jasmin
  • Morning Dew

Some different uses of the fragrant oils are noted here below-

  • If you want to welcome your husband and set the home with candles and feel something missing then it’s definitely the fragrant oils. If you don’t have scented candles then just pour few drops of fragrance oil  and see the magic.
  • Have guests and your house is smelling of food? Just all a few drop of fragrance oil  and spray it around the house.
  • You don’t buy carpets because it’s difficult to wash and they do not keep fresh. Here is a small tip. Mix baking soda along with fragrance oil  and spray your carpet with this mixture and then run the vacuum over it to get clean and fresh smelling carpet.
  • Shoes smell horrible. Add a few drops to our shoes. Leave it overnight. Apply it thrice a week and no one will complain that you shoes or feet are smelly.
  • If the potpourri has lost its smell, add few drops of fragrance oils  so that it might regain its smell.
  • For aromatic linens put scented oil drops on a tissue paper and place it between bed sheets, pillow cases, and table covers etc.
  • For divine smelling dryer sheet use fragrant oil.
  • You can drop few drops of fragrance oil in the dustbin to fight bad odour
  • Placing cotton balls with drops of fragrant oils in the chest of drawers gives a fresh feel.
  • Drops of fragrance oil in washing machine also gives a good effect

The uses of fragrance oil  are unlimited. You just have to be creative and be wise enough to know where to use it to make your home smell beautiful.

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