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A good smelling house is every homemaker’s dream! A house that smells of cooked food, stale air or any other foul odor can be a big put-off.

Nowadays, the market is flooded with scented products that are chemically enhanced to provide fragrance. From deodorizers to air fresheners and a variety of chemically scented candles – all these products are sold (and purchased!) with equal zest to scent up our living spaces.

 But little do we give thought to the fact that these artificial agents for scenting up our homes can be very toxic for the body as they are readily absorbed by the bloodstream having toxic effects on the body. These unnatural, chemical agents could cause respiratory distress and other air-borne allergies as well.

Nature provides some of the best ways to perfume our homes with refreshing aromas. Try shifting to organic products like organic incenses, aromatic oil diffusers and organically scented candles to lighten up as well as freshen your home-spaces.

Different parts of the house require different treatment when it comes to odorizing them with a good and fresh fragrance. Let us check out how we can make our homes smell sweet and inviting, organically!

  1. Living Space

This is the area where we receive guests or have our regular family time. To give your living rooms a lease of life with a fresh and soothing aroma, try one of these:

Organic Incenses

We all love the smell of incenses as they somehow symbolize purity and awaken our spiritual selves, isn’t it? Next time you go shopping for your regular supply of incense, try the organic variety. These organic incenses come in all your favorite aromas -citrus, rose, lavender, jasmine, sandalwood and more- and are made of organic resin and essential oils. Give your homes a clean, natural perfume, free of the harsh, synthetic aroma that has become the trademark of modern incenses.

Organic Scented Candles

The regular scented candles that we usually buy are made of paraffin (a petroleum waste product) which releases toxins when burnt. Switching to the organic variety could be a good alternative here. Not only the organic candles release natural aroma that can be good for your body and mind but they are made of natural beeswax or soy that are natural purifying agents and keep the indoor air fresh and clean.



Organic Potpourri can be a good way to add aroma while at the same time beautify your living space. These are made from an assortment of natural ingredients put together – dried leaves and flowers, seeds, resins, woods, roots, bark and spices.

Each of these ingredients carry their characteristic aroma and color, giving the potpourri an intoxicating mélange of natural, subtle perfumes. For instance, use a mint (peppermint/spearmint) for a refreshing fragrance or lemon or orange flavor for a citrusy aroma. If you like soft, floral fragrances try sandalwood, lavender, rose or jasmine, or cardamom or cinnamon for a spicy aroma. Use woods and barks as they add bulk while adding to the visual appeal when used along with fruits.

  1. Bathrooms

Bathrooms are often the source of bad odor in the house and those areas require special care. A number of organic product are available in the market that go a long way in countering strong smells like the ones characteristic of bathrooms. Use organic air deodorizers like cinnamon sticks or a good smelling essential oil. If you are using deodorizing discs, keep them under the sink in the bathroom or in the bottom of the bathroom bin for maximum effect.

Organic Air Freshener Gels, made of essential oils and gelatin are also very popular organic products used extensively.

  1. Kitchen

To make you kitchen smell fresh and inviting, minus the mixed aroma of all your cooking, try this easy home remedy. Place a bowl of white vinegar on the kitchen slab. This is a sure-shot remedy for all the overwhelming smells that mar your kitchen experience.

You may also want to try simmer pots that use boiling water mixed with ingredients like cinnamon or lime to fight odor in kitchens and are very effective in countering bad smells as well.

A softly scented home-space is a delight for the senses as it soothes and refreshes the mind and relaxes the body.  

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