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The ideal way to terminate these pests is to find their nests and destroy them, which is difficult as the nests are set up in floor cracks and wall crevices where it is not easy to reach them. The other way is to destroy them with poison which they will carry back to their nests where the rest of the roaches get poisoned.

But, though these insecticides may be powerful, they contain toxic chemicals to which you and your family members also get exposed. The best way to get rid of the cockroaches, therefore, is by natural means.

Keep Your House Clean

Keeping your house clean is one way of keeping it free from cockroaches. So you have to keep your house spick and span in order to avoid cockroaches. Food residues attract cockroaches and so the first place which needs thorough cleaning is your kitchen.

Clean your kitchen and the eating spaces before going to bed every night; clean the dirty dishes and the stovetop as cockroaches are attracted to grease, wipe the counters and mop the floors with sanitizers before you end your day. Make this a regular habit as this does not take much time.

Close All Water Sources

The main reason cockroaches are always scurrying under the sink is because moisture and water leaks attract them. Cockroaches may survive for months with no food, but die within a week without water. So find all the water leaks in your house and get them repaired. Take care that water does not stand in your sink and that you don’t overwater your indoor plants. Once you shut down their sources of water, they will be easily attracted to other baits that you can set up to trap them and kill the cockroaches.

Natural Home Made Baits for Cockroaches

Use your own home-made bait to destroy cockroaches by mixing three parts of boric acid and one part powdered sugar. Cockroaches are lured to the sugar and are killed by the boric acid. Sprinkle boric acid throughout your house – inside cracks along the edges of the cabinets, under the sink and even behind your refrigerator, dishwasher and the stove. Even though boric acid is non-toxic for people, it acts as irritant and so needs to be kept away from children and your pets.

For immediate solution to kill any cockroach that you see, you can spray a solution of soap and water on it. Cockroaches breathe through their skin, and the solution on their skin is enough to suffocate them.

Everyday Tips for Keeping Your House Clean

  • Make sure your food containers are sealed. Don’t leave any food, especially fruits in the open.
  • Keep cleaning crumbs of food particles routinely from the floor and avoid water on the walls.
  • Use a trash can which has a lid and keep emptying it routinely without allowing it to sit for long.

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