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Preventing Pests

The first step that we can do is take measures to ensure that they have limited reasons to be in our house in the first place.

  • Do not allow water to stand as it is one of the main attractions for pests.
  • Fix all the water leaks and avoid water under the refrigerator and the dishes to prevent pests making homes there.
  • Be careful not to allow leftovers of food to be around. Clean the areas where food is prepared and eaten, clean the dirty dishes and keep mopping the floor at regular intervals.
  • Use tightly fitted containers to store your food. Don’t keep food uncovered and make sure to cover your fruits also.
  • Keep your garbage can covered and keep emptying it frequently to keep away flies and other pests.
  • Caulk all crevices and cracks where the pests are more likely to make their homes.
  • Vacuum your house regularly and keep the floors under the appliances clean.

Natural Ways to Control Pests

  • Ants: Use a mixture of equal amount of vinegar and water to wipe the countertops to prevent ants. The mixture destroys the scent trail which is used by the ants to navigate.
  • Cockroaches: Mix three parts boric acid and one-part sugar and sprinkle it around your house. The sugar is to lure the cockroaches and boric acid does the work of killing the cockroaches. Take care and keep the boric acid out of the reach of your children as it can irritate.

  • Flies: Use pots of basil to keep away flies which hate its smell. Place these pots in doorways and on windowsills to discourage flies. You can also keep a pouch of dried basil for the purpose. You only have to take care to keep rubbing the pouch so that the smell stays strong.
  • Mosquitoes: Using catnip is a very effective and natural way of repelling mosquitoes. Applying catnip oil over your skin will keep you protected from mosquitoes for nearly two hours.
  • Spiders: To deter spiders, take a mixture of water and lemon juice and spray it on doorways and window sills. Spiders are repulsed by citrus and spraying lime juice prevents them from making their appearance.

  • Fleas: Vacuum and salt your floors alternately to kill eggs of fleas. But this method needs patience as fleas have a three-day reproduction cycle. So salt your floor daily for nine days and vacuum it after every three days.
  • Dust Mites: Add cinnamon bark oil drops into a mixture of equal amount of water and denatured alcohol. Spray it on places where dust accumulates – beddings, carpets and tables as this oil can control dust mites.
  • Mice: Kill mice around you with owls; a pair of barn owls along with their brood have the capacity to eat 3000 mice in a single nesting season. Keep an owl box to attract them and get the pests under control.

So eliminate chemicals and instead use these natural and chemical-free ways to eliminate mosquitoes, mice, fleas and other pests from your home. To know more about natural solutions to keep your home pest-free click here.


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