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The sense of smell is one of the most vital senses of human body. A refreshing odor sends electrical signal to the body, activating the olfactory organs. This signal is then transmitted to Piriform cortex from where it is transmitted to the thalamus. This information is then received by orbitofrontal cortex where it gets associated with the sense of taste. Not only this, you might have experienced smell to trigger your memories and emotions.  Now let’s figure out I need of keeping your home scented.

Healthy air means a healthy brain:

Science shows that the air we breathe in, affects the health and physique of our body. While quality air helps to improve the amount of oxygen inhaled, it also stimulates the cleansing mechanism of lungs. It boosts the blood flow levels, filling your mind and body with life.  Your brain activity triggers several times when you breathe good.

It triggers memories:

You have experienced associating smells to certain moments and emotions. Often, the smell of delicious pizza reminds you of your last birthday party and the smell of sandal refreshes the memories of home when you are not around. The smell of rose reminds you of the last beautiful meeting with your sweet heart. These refreshing smells can make your day.

are safer and healthier.

Organic scent is safe

Scents are complex mixtures of chemicals which are potential risks to skin and health hazards on long exposure. We appreciate you shouldn’t use them. Scented candles have paraffin’s and they release formaldehyde and toluene vapors which are toxic on long exposures. Benzyl benzoate, Diethyl phthalate, and Tonalide are the most common ingredients of perfumeries but research found them to be unsafe.If candles are healthy, no more concernfor you. So try ensure that you buy organic scented candles only.

Fighting depression

Research shows that a well-scented room helps to calm and relax your body and mind while significantly reducing the stress hormone levels. Some of the oils have proven benefits in elevating the mood. They include jasmine, rose, sandalwood and basil among others. These effectively bring out the best fragrances for you.

Helps a good sleep:

Can’t sleep? We are here for you. Now, good sleep will no more be a trouble. Lavender has proven benefits of reducing the rate of heart beat and the blood pressure levels, helping you enjoy an amazing sleep so that you wake up fresh. Are you ready for the day’s challenge?

When are you changing your candles now?

Right choice of the fragrance is not only important for fresh room environment but is also a critical for the overall growth of your body and mind.  Our whole new range of scented candles is designed keeping your health and requirements in mind. Try our products and if you find we were able to serve you well, we would love to hear back from you. For more details on aromatherapy products please click here.


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