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 Artificial home fresheners are harmful

Use of fresheners is widely prevalent. There are fresheners available in various forms. There are sprays, solids and plug -ins which are widely available and widely used too. 99% of the home monthly grocery bills have room fresheners listed. The concern lies in the fact that these room fresheners are loaded with chemicals and is extremely harmful. You sense organ might be extremely pleased with the smell which is in your house. But is your internal organ happy to take in that smell?

Artificial room fresheners have synthetic smell. Artificial smells have poisonous chemicals. Studies conducted on these artificially created room fresheners have pointed out that when one is exposed to these volatile compounds it causes depression in mothers to be and head aches and ear aches in babies and toddlers. Benezene is one kind of VOC. Benezene, if enters body makes the immune system weak, damages red blood cell and also affects the bone marrow. Formaldehyde is another fatal chemical added to artificial room fresheners. It causes irritation in the ear, nose and throat.

Better to use organic room fresheners

Organic room fresheners are the best kind of fresheners. Organic room fresheners are not composed of deadly chemicals. They are made of totally natural ingredients. These earthly ingredients are derived from flowers, root and barks and leaves of tree. Room freshening you can use flowers directly but as most of us don’t have time to buy flowers. So we suggest that you use organic room freshener’s spray which are make only from essential oil and processed flowers, barks and leaves of trees. Since only natural ingredients are used they do not harm us and have bad effect on our body function.

Since they are natural room fresheners. They also last longer and smell beautiful in comparison to that of the artificial ones. 

Health benefits

All organic stuff who purchase has health benefits. It is same with the room fresheners. Organic smells soothes the nerves and calms the body. Along with this it also relaxes the tired muscles. Mood swings can also be treated with organic room fresheners.

Organic room fresheners are being used not only at homes. They are being used for therapeutic treatments. They are extensively being used as spas, parlours and salons for beauty benefit.

When you purchase organic room fresheners do not go only by the labels. These days there are too many fake labels. For the best organic room fresheners click here.


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