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Taking care of your home from unpleasant smells is alike to taking care of your own body. The money spent on yourself makes you presentable and likable; Likewise, it is your duty to look after your house with equal conviction.

Types of air fresheners

  • Diffusers: Diffusers are generally fragrant oils which when burnt give out pleasant smell. It is one of the most commonly used air fresheners in households. It is non-lethal to kids and are easy to manage. Moreover, diffusers do not need to be bought again and again, instead you just have to buy refills. It is cost effective and of course make your house smell heavenly.
  • Sprays: Spray is a convenient way to neutralize the foul odor in your house. With just a push of button you can bring a garden in your house. Your house is a place for relaxation and recreation, do yourself a favor and keep it clean as well as beautifully scented. Caution should be exercised as spray is highly inflammable and should be kept far away from fire. On the other hand, it is cheap and easy to handle.
  • Scented candles: Candles are gaining popularity at a very high rate. Be it romantic date or casual lie in by the window, a scented candle brings endless joy and relaxation,. It is completely healthy and is a great stress reliever. Moreover, they do not pollute the house with smoke or ashes, guaranteeing you a win-win situation. It is a great alternative to incense sticks.
  • Incense sticks: Yeah, do not forget the ancient fragrant here. Recorded to be used since Egyptian civilization, this product has been an integral part of the community. Be it family function or holy function, this dude is in all of them. It is made from powders of dried up flowers or roots and are widely used in aromatic techniques. Incense sticks produce smoke which can be harmful to infants.

Natural ways to get a fresh home

  • Proper ventilation: Yes, opening a few windows will do a lot of good. Fresh air totally annihilates bad odor and stale air. So, do not forget to let some air in.
  • Cleaning and washing regularly: Your house also needs regular bath, clean it regularly to keep out bad smelling materials out of your house.
  • Trash management: Most of the time the miscreants are usually stale trash and rubbish. Regular disposal leads to better surrounding. Moreover, a clean house will make you feel at peace.

Note: Artificial fresheners do not contain real flowers or fruits. They are usually chemicals mixed together to give you an illusion.

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