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Who does not wish to live in a clean and fresh environment? We all take special care in maintaining and sanitizing our homes, including our bathrooms. Bathrooms, if not taken care, are very likely to attract germs and cause disease to our families. Bathroom is a place with humidity at all hour of the day. All of us have an exhaust fan in the bathroom, which is a must too, but it is not enough. Exhaust fans may keep the washroom dry but we also need it to be reinvigorating and odorless. Air fresheners are therefore important in this picture. One has to be wise enough to choose the best air freshener as some of them can pose a threat to human health. Thereby, one must learn what to watch out for. We need bathroom fresheners that is not at all harmful to the environment and which completely eradicates the foul smell.

Selecting the right Freshener:

Air fresheners can be discovered in many brands, types, scents and styles. The benefits and pros depend on the type and quality of the air freshener you choose to use.

Here are some steps you should consider to make every penny spent worth it on a freshener.

1) Consult your doctor.

Make sure that either you or any member of your family are not allergic to any chemical or fragrance. Your spray/freshener may contain chemicals that may not be very suitable for you. Consulting a doctor may help you get an insight.

2) Things to keep in mind:

  • Your freshener should contain natural essential oils to make their scents.
  • There should not be any aerosol product or volatile organic compounds present.
  • Go through the application and see if it neutralizes the odor completely instead of just masking it off.
  • Choose a disinfectant (spray) rather than just an aromatic device(plug-ins, candles etc).


3) Avoid the use of conventional air fresheners:

Conventional air fresheners contain variety of hazardous and scary chemicals like Phthalates, PEG-40 and 1,4-dichlorobenzene. These chemicals may not be visible on the labels. Digging into the matter is hence a necessity.

Use eco-friendly and natural air fresheners as alternative.

4) Check for Convenience:

You sure do not want to be pestered with a mere freshener. Make sure your bathroom aromatics are hassle free.

5) Budget:

Different fresheners vary in price and different people have various budgets. One must choose their freshener according to their affordability. For continuous use, avoid using scented candles. It generally needs more frequent replacements, thus increasing the cost of the product. Use plug-ins as an alternative as it lasts longer.

Look out:

Countless air fresheners are designed to kill germs, bacteria, viruses and microorganisms. Such a type would be an excellent choice. While offering health benefits, natural aromatherapy should serve as an ideal option. There are unique and natural aromas that have their own perks. Let’s have a deeper look to make a wiser decision.

Jasmine- helps in stimulating and reduces depression.

Lavender- eases headaches, nausea and insomnia.

Cinnamon- Calms the nerves and is also an appetite suppressor.

Choosing the best air freshener for your bathroom is a very significant decision. Before making any decision, go through the characteristics and ingredients of the product. Bear in mind that your purpose is efficiently met. Use plug-ins, scented candles for fragrance only while sprays for disinfectant purpose. Click here to adopt a better peak onto the products available.


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