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A pest free abode is best for both one’s health and a peaceful living. Finding ants, mice, spiders, mosquitoes etc. is a very common sight at every second house, which of course is liked by none. Want to do away with bugs but without the use of any chemical repellants that contains Deet? There are several natural ways you can get the bugs away from you, your home and your surroundings. Indoor control methods require one to have eagle-eyes. Speaking of which, the use of non-synthetic and non-toxic, organic ingredients shall be the major motive. Adding to it, homemade control should be safe and more effective. All you need is a good strategy and the right guidelines to keep your family and yourself safe.

Suit yourself with apt remedies available:

Formulate your own remedies to keep bugs away from you. Solve pest problems inside your home by choosing the most valuable method. Listed below are a few recommendations put forward to serve your choice.

1)  Most necessary: Keep clean, Stay careful:

The foremost step in pest controlling should be to have them uninvited. Insects are drawn to food and water. Do not forget to keep a clean environment by taking the garbage out regularly. Get rid of standing water and seal off entry points of water sources.

2) Add Barriers in your enemy’s way:

Insect barriers help to keep many crawling insects away. Set out cucumber slices and citrus peels; keep slices of onion in water and draw chalk lines around your house. Ants (especially) dislike cucumber and chalk and hence, will not pave a way in that direction.

3) Make use of items in your kitchen:

It should not come as a shock to you but soybean oil comes as an effective pest repellent as per the latest researches.

Neem oil prevents fungus growth and repels a wide range of insects.

Mix powdered sugar and baking soda in equal parts. Spread it over the places you see cockroaches and have them gone. Simple, isn’t it?


4) Go creative and tricky:

Did you know you could trick wasps by just hanging a fake nest in your house? Indeed you can because it acts like a scarecrow. This method also has a perk; it adds up to your house décor.

Plant some fragrant herbs (lemongrass, mint, citronella, etc.) around your house.

5) Use organic Sprays/products.

Why use Home remedies?

Synthetic pesticides are easily available and effective too. Then why not use them? Well, the answer is quite obvious. Synthetic pesticides have proved to pose a great threat to human and animal health. These products are chemically loaded which are toxic and hence must be taken into account. Use of such products may lead to various side effects like rashes, itching, eye irritation as it readily gets absorbed in the skin. Organic pesticides on the other hand, are highly efficient and needless to say, non-toxic.

Devise a proper plan because natural pest control needs caution and vigilance. Refuse to accept toxicants and make your home pest free on your own. This will be one enlightening experience on your part, but one step ahead for the welfare and safety of your family. Click here to have a look at more items.


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