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In this era of Health conscious, people are worried about each and every single bit and this habit is advantageous for all of us in order to keep our surroundings healthy and develop a healthy environment to breathe in. But as it is said “Charity always starts at home”, it is important to clean our home first so live a tension free and a healthy lifestyle. Sanitizing the floors and kitchen slabs and tables is necessary to avoid all types infections and diseases. Using synthetic and chemical sanitizers as it is puts the risk of chemicals on the floors, instead using the organic sanitizers is beneficial as it will be economical and clean the floors with the nature’s extracts leaving germ free.

Different Organic Sanitizers

  1. Vinegar

Vinegar is good disinfectant for the cleaning of kitchen floors as well as the room floors as it inhibits the growth of harmful germs and bacteria. Vinegar can also be combined with any of the essential oils to dilute its pungent smell. Thus, vinegar kills the infections and diseases effectively leaving the floor chemical free.

  1. Grape Seed Extracts

Grape seed extracts have been found quite useful when it comes to cleaning of floors with the disinfectant. It is one of effective disinfectant used in hospitals as well as it kills the germs and prevention any further growth of them. Grape seed Extract easily kills the harmful influenza which causes ear infections and other sensitivity problems.

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide is always found in bleaching creams and fairness to clear the dark spots and make the skin glow. So does this substance to the floors as it clears the surface from all germs and always makes the surface shine. It can be well mixed with the vinegar and sprayed on kitchen surfaces to clean all the stains.

  1. Tea tree Oil

Tree Tea Oil is another anti bacteria cleaning product used for cleaning the surfaces off the germs. This extract is beneficial in killing many harmful substances like e-coli, shigella and salmonelia. Thus using tea tree oil is advantageous against the use of synthetic products full of chemicals. It can be mixed with water and vinegar to form an effective blend.

  1. Neem Oil

Neem Oil is obtained from the leaf extracts of the trees and is already known for its herbal properties over the health issue, skin problems, and can be therefore effectively be used as a kitchen sanitizer capable of cleaning all germs and without having any chemical property.

Therefore cleaning of the floors with the floor sanitizers is highly important in order to be free from all dangerous influenza and keep the small babies at home healthy. For more suggestions Click Here


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