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Scented candles are a great way to relax and enjoy after a hard day’s work. You can find a number of fragrances which will allow your body to relax and give you the revitalisation you need. Now one problem which people often come to is what type of scent would suit their room? For first time candle users it is a good idea to check the different types of scents first before they go ahead with a purchase. In addition to that companies have started to bring out newer fragrances each day to meet the demands of people. One way to classify the fragranced candles is in accordance to the seasons.

Spring aromas

French vanilla candles and any other soft smelling fragrance candles can work wonderfully during the spring season. Go for a bit unorthodox fragrances if you wish to experience something new with fresh linen and towel scented candles. Go for smooth lavender fragranced candles if you enjoy the smell of fresh flowers. It is okay if the oil consistency of the candles is a bit high and the smell is powerful since spring time is good for that. Also you need to make sure you understand where you are using the candles. If the fragrance has enough room to disperse in then it will not be extremely strong. Sage, amber and oak are also some very good fragrance options for your patio during eth spring season. It can be amazing to sit in the patio with such scents around you. There are also food flavoured candles which go perfectly with spring with scents of cupcakes, chocolates and sweet almond flavours few of them. The choices are plenty so go through them before you buy.

Summer scents

You can now add a certain flavour of summer to your house with the amazing selection of aromatic candles you will find for the summer season. There are various blends of mango and grapefruit which offer intoxicating aromas for your summer evenings. Various exotic flower scents are also mixed in special candles where you will get various scents at once when you light them up. Summer scents are some of the best scents you can go for since these are the fragrances which also go all year round.

Autumn scents

During autumn season it is a wise decision to go with candles of a bit woody fragrance. You can use the warm scents of cinnamon and peers along with apples to spice up the autumn afternoons. These scents are perfect for the holiday period and you will grow into loving them. Go for candles scents which are infused with candy corn and other sweet aromas. If you have a romantic dinner coming up you can pick up candles with fragrances of ripe black cherries which are absolutely wonderful in the autumn season.


Winter Scents

Spicy aromas are the best for winter times. You will not particularly like very flowery textures and smells in the winter time so you should opt for woody and spicy fragrances. Spiced orange or red berries are a great way to add a bit of excitement in the cold winter mornings. These will give you energy and also give you great pleasure when you wake up during the winter mornings. Since it is the festive seasons these fragranced candles are also found in sets which are perfect festive gifts for your loved ones. You can also mix up scents like oak and cinnamon to create different ambiences for your home. Make sure that you are mixing scents of similar kind though as scents too far off from each other wouldn’t normally work very well.

With so many options available to the consumers nowadays you can find literally any fragrance which you like in the form of candles. Make sure that you are also aware of the environmental factors though, you can always go for the nature friendly soy candles which are cheap and offer excellent fragrances as well. Go for the best choices you can find. Candles fragrances are a very intimate thing and it is up to you to find the correct fragrance for you and your home. You can experiment through the different fragrances to see which ones make the list. 


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