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Scented candles are a great way to make sure that your rooms are smelling and beautiful. While many people opt for room fresheners scented candles can be a great option as well. Scented candles are great enhancing your sense of smell as well. They can be used to stimulate one’s sense of smell and emphasise the season.  Also there are various types of scented candles available for every mood and festive season. They can be used for any room in your house.

There are factors which you will need to know in order to get the best effect of the scented candles when you use them. You will need to understand exactly how the scented candles work and what you want from them. Also buyers need to use these candles in a proper and safe way. Scented candles can be bought at any super market or you can buy them yourselves.

How are scented candles made?

Scented candles are made from adding fragrance oils to the candle wax. During this manufacturing process wax candles tend to be made from paraffin. Other substances can also be used like beeswax, plant wax or tallow. There are also various types of gel candles which are made from combining polymer and mineral oil. There is a wick placed through the centre of the candle. When the oil is lit up it makes the substance reach its melting point.

The heat releases the scents of the candle when it is lit. Different materials release different types of scents when lit. For instance of there is too much scented oil in the candle then when you burn it the candle will be giving off soot. Scented candles may not burn as easily as other candles but they can get the job done.

There are factors you need to focus when using scented candles. Scented candles tend to offer a very easy and relaxing atmosphere in a room. It is really useful if you have some on your living room etc.  Some of them are:

Try to use simple scents in small places

When you are using a scented candle in a small room do not go for very heavy ones. The scents can be extremely strong in certain cases. If you do not give the scent a proper area to disperse it it can hurt your nose. So make sure that when you are using scented candles the scent is mild and smooth when you have one lit up in an enclosed place like bathroom.

Choose the rights cent for the area

Put some thought into the scents of the candle. When you are choosing a candle for a particular area think about what activities are done in that place and how the scented candle will help in accentuating the activity experience. Choose the smell according to that. Spicy scents work extremely well in bedrooms and flowery smells work best in the bathroom.

Keep using different scents from time to time

Keep changing the scents you are using from time to time. You will be able to use various different scents from time to time since there are a variety of them available. Floral scents work great in spring time and go for fruity smells in the summer. They can create a very festive feeling during the festival season as well.

Keep changing the scents to match the moods

Scented candles are used to create the right ambience. You can use these candles while spending time with your significant ones and you will see just what an impact they can make.

Keep missing the scents

Sometimes you will be amazed at what the scent can be when you are mixing the scents of two candles together. Apple and cinnamon candles work extremely well in making sure you have a complete soothing aura around you. Or you can also use the scents of your favourite flowers to create a relaxing atmosphere. Do not make the combinations too overpowering though as that may stimulate your senses too much.

These are some of the factors which can help you to get the best results out of scented candles. Go for scented candles after you are sure you know what kind you like.


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