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Scented candles are a great option to make sure that your rooms and house smells great. They can include a variety of different scents giving you a huge palette of scents to choose from. Go for scented candles according to your tastes and it may turn out to something you end up enjoying immensely. Now there are various ways to get your hands on a scented candle. But many people tend to make their own candles. It can be a very simple way of enjoying some good family time as well.

Here are the basic steps which will help in you make a scented candle:

Firstly decide what kind of substance you wish to use to make the candles. There are several different types of substance you can go for. Soy wax, paraffin and beeswax are some of the most common material used to make candles. Paraffin can be a good option for beginners since they tend to melt quickly and are extremely cheap. It can be easily coloured and scented as well. Make sure that you are someone one who is not irritated by the smell of the candle since many people can’t stand the smell of scented candles. Soy wax is another popular choice. It cleans up pretty easily and it is eco friendly and renewable. It is known to burn much more slowly than the other components. Beeswax is another substance which is natural and has a lot of air purifying qualities to it. It doesn’t retain the scents and colours as well though.

Keep a proper work area

When you are beginning to make the candle make sure that you have a proper work area. Put some kind of covering over the surface of the work area so that you do not end up dirtying it. In case of spills, use soapy water to clean the mess up. Since you cannot put candle wax directly on heat use a double boiler similar to what you use to cook. Make sure that you heat it slowly and also pay attention that it doesn’t catch fire or evaporate.

After you have got your wax ready cut or shred the wax into chunks using some kind of knife. You can use anything you want as long as you can comfortably use it. When you are using smaller pieces you also guarantee that the wax is melting at an even rate.


Melting the wax

Melt the wax by putting into a small container and let that container get heated up in boiling water. Do not heat up the water too much, moderately heated water should get the job done properly. Keeps an eye on the temperature of the water using a thermometer.

Now you can add scents to your melted wax. You can add any scent which you feel like. You can buy various types of scents in the form of essential oils in your grocery shop etc. Make sure you check how much you should add. You can check the consistency of the oil on the package. Stir well till the mixture is properly evened out.


Add some colours to it

Add some colours to the mixture. Make sure that you are not suing any kind of harmful colours. Food colours work best since they tend to be totally organic. You can also purchase oil based dyes. Read the bottle for the proper type of candle dye to put in. keep adding drops of the colour till you have the desired look.


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