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Candle making is centuries old and there having been a lot of techniques used to make candles. Since it is a very age old radiation it is still followed to this day. You can now make extremely beautiful candles if you know how to make them. While many people thin candle making is a hectic and tedious process that is not true. You can easily get a variety of different styles and effects inside the candles you make. Homemade candle scan add greatly to ambience and and the scented candles also tend to mask the foul odours which may be lingering in your house giving you a fresh and healthy atmosphere. They can be extremely wonderful gifts for birthday and any other occasions. Personalising the candle to suit the taste of someone you will give it to will make them appreciate the candle greatly.

Here are some helpful points to keep in mind:

Firstly decide on what type of wax you are going to be dealing with. There are three most common and popular types of waxes you can work with. These are paraffin, beeswax and soy wax. You can also use certain gel candle materials. Gel candle materials are relatively new compared to the other types of wax and can add a significant amount of style and beauty to the candle you are going to make. When you are making the candle make sure that insert the wick in the wax during the moulding process. After you have that decided you need to pick a proper mould for the candle. This can get a bit tricky, when you are making a candle remember that the shape of the candle is going to play a huge role in how the candle is going to look. Pick a mould which is simple to work with since getting a very complicated mould will end up in your breaking the candle trying to get it out. Also make sure that eth mould can handle the temperature of the hot wax being poured into it. You do not want the mould to be bent due to heat since that will ruin the shape of the candle. With that part done you need to pick the type of dye which you will be using.

Get proper consistency of the dye

Pick a dye which works well with the type of wax you are using. You do not wish to use a dye which doesn’t sit well with the wax. You can find candle dyes in a number of crafts stress around you.  Go for complimenting colours if you are using more than one and also check the consistency of the dye.

That will enable you to bring out shades and unique colours in the candle. Use fragrances which you like. You can pick complimenting fragrances like jasmine and lavender but do not go for something very uncommon as that may turn out a bit weird. You can go for scents like cinnamon and apple as well since this smell is popular when comes to bath candles.

Add adornments and take the candle out properly

Various adornments can also be added to your candle like glitters and small ornaments. These need to be mixed with the dye before the candle is moulded since you cannot add them later on.

Once you have all those factors down all you have to do is position the wick through the centre of the molten wax. You will not be able to move the wick later on so be very careful during this step. Allow the candle to cool properly before you take it out of the mould. Also when you are taking out of the mould make sure that the candle doesn’t break. If you see that the candle is not coming out of the mould you can refrigerate it for a small duration of time. That will make it come out of the mould easily.

These are some of steps you can follow to ensure that you can make extremely unique looking candles for you and your loved ones. Candle making is an age old art and it is certain that it will not be dying out any time soon.


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