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Candles are nowadays a common addition to any household. They tend to offer a great amount of beauty and elegance to the place where they are kept. When it comes to candles there are also a number of choices to choose from. There are a variety of different scents and colours to go for. Best thing about using candles tends to be that you can keep changing the type of candle you are using all the time so that it never gets old. And with the huge amount of selection present nowadays you will not be running out of options anytime soon. You need to know where you will be using the candle and what your preference is when it comes to smells and colours of the candles. That will help in making sure that you are going for the very best candles in the market.

Know the different smells

Candles have a very important aspect and that is fragrance. No candle is bought without the buyer asking about the smell. This is because unless you are buying a regular candle you need to think of the aroma the candle will spread when you light it up. You do not want a scent to linger around your house which you do not like. Make sure to check which kind of fragrance you like. If you like fruity or flowery smells then you should go for lily, jasmines or roses since they tend to be quite nice and soft

with their fragrance. You should also go for combination of scents which will work so that you can experiment. Another type of scent you can go for is the hard botanic type of smells. They can be very stimulating and are perfect for coffee tables and porches. The heavy and soft smell of the candles is the two categories which contain all the type of scents you will find. Make sure that you check out the samples of the candles before you go on with your purchase.

Know which smell works where

Do not go and buy candles here and there. Do your research. There is a reason why there are so many fragrances of candles available. Not only does that help in you getting the scent which you adore but also that specific rooms or places in the house require certain types of scents. You do not wish to use any kind of harsh smelling fragrance in the bathroom since that is a place to relax and sooth your body. But you should use a hard scent when you have a conversation going in the veranda or the coffee table. These are factors which you need to know and understand before you go about and buy candles so that you can get the best candles according to your needs.

Scents and seasons

Not every candle works in every season. While there are always exceptions you will find that using wood scent of candle during summer season is not preferred. Rather people may use a fruity or flowery smell. Scents like jasmine and rose works extremely well in the spring time as well.  Also spicy scents are great for winter season and all around the year usage. There are also special festive candles available which incorporate fragrance soft eh holidays which will bring a great atmosphere in your house during the festive moments.

Making the scent match the mood

This is one aspect of candle buying which not many people understand. Candle fragrances are available in numbers and there is no hard and fast rule that you will like a scent which everyone else likes. Many people tend to detest flowery smelling candles since they prefer spicy or wood type fragrances. You need to know which type of candle you will like for yourself. Remember that unless you are gifting the candle the person who will be using it the most is you so make sure that you know what you are buying. Search the stores and take help in knowing what your fragrance choices are and which works best with which. Remember these factors about candle buying and you will be able to pick out the best candle choices for you and your family.


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