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Clothes are made to cover our body, to protect our body. Over the years clothes changed from a necessity to a fashion statement with work of art designs. It transitioned from mere hides to fabricated work to make one look as sharp and neat as possible. Even though there was a change witnessed in the design and the coverage offered by the clothes and dresses; there was one thing that was yet to be achieved, ways to keep the clothes fresh smellingIn spite of the varied trend observed in the designs and fabrics, this is one task that has always posed as a major problem.

Keeping your clothes fresh smelling throughout the day is a challenging task as it involves in covering up the body odor. There is only so much deodorants and body splash and perfumes can do. They can mask the smell, but later the stench finds its way through the mask of your perfume. When a person smells good, they become 10x attractive. Yes, it is not a blind statement made; this was found out after conducting a study on a specific lot.

There are ways to keep the clothes smelling fresh and pleasant as ever that masks the body odor for the entire day. Let us get into them without further ado.

  • Fabric Conditioner: Fabric conditioner is the way to bid goodbye to the foul smelling stench that the clothe soaks in after a long day of work. They don’t keep the fabric of the given clothing soft, not just that, they also keep the color of the clothing intact and prevent the odor from forming a mask. They don’t mask over the odor, they omit the odor and thereby making our clothes smell fresh throughout the day.
  • Usage of Cupboard fresheners: We might have all seen the small sachets containing potpourri stuff or just nice smelling stuff packed within it, this is nothing but a cupboard freshener. Functions like any other freshener out there, but the added advantage is that these clothes absorb the freshness and give out a pleasant smell throughout the day.
  • Drying them in bright sunlight: In cloudy places making a piece of cloth dry becomes a challenging task. So in places which have perennial rainfall, they prefer drying their clothes within a shady region or even inside the house. This leads to accumulation of damp smell within the fabric. One can avoid the damp smell only by drying the cloth outside in the bright sunlight. So that omits the odor from the fabric and keeps it smelling fresh.
  • Saying no to tumble dry: This is no less different than people not drying their clothes in sunlight; tumble dry does not function effectively all the time. Hence always prefer line drying to tumble dry as it promotes better smell and makes the fabric look fresh.
  • Washing the clothes regularly with sufficient amount of soap powder also does the trick. We have clothes that are washed using more than required detergent and that leads to clogging of detergent over the fabric. More than making the fabric smell fresh it would promote a chemical lab smell. So in order to avoid that use sufficient amount of soap powder.

These are the ways to control the odor masking and promote fresh smelling clothes. This is an absolute necessity and it can also be achieved by a person who sweats a lot. If none of the above worked, you can always add corn starch the water and soak the cloth in for say 2 minutes. Corn starch is well known for absorption of the stench and odor. So when the element is present in the fabric, no way a person will fail smelling fresh.

So we learnt that in some way or the other we can make even a heavily sweating person’s cloth smell fresh and keep it fresh with the few tips mentioned above. It is necessity to not just look, but even smell (As mentioned earlier) as smell plays a role in determining the kind of person you are. It tingles the occipital lobe of every single soul out there, and you don’t want anybody to remember you for your distinctive odor carried by your body. The handy tips above are given or stated by considering every single scenario possible. Use these handy tips and keep your clothes smelling fresh and looking good.


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