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Tiles are basically pieces of hard wearing materials such as ceramic or stone. They do not wear easy and so are usually preferred by home owners. Be that as it may, their carefully polished surfaces do corrode over time and give the floor a rather shabby looking appearance.

Why you should keep you tiles neat

Apart from mere aesthetics, keeping your tiles clean is generally a good hygienic practice since the corroded ceramic or stone further adds to dust in the house and other bacteria tends to fester in such atmosphere leaving the path wide open for many diseases.

Besides all that, the grime can be icky and leave you with patches of rotting skin, especially if you walk barefoot.

How to make your tiles look clean and new

While technically most of us are advised to simply replace the tile, this is not always economical or affordable. Instead, here are some tips to help you achieve the brand new tile look.

  • Keep the surface clean and neat with regular sweeping. Don’t wait till your tiles get really dirty before getting down to clean them. For one, the infestation of bacteria erodes away the shine the longer you leave it be. For another, hard agents you will use later only harm the tiles in the long run. Avoid this practice and sweep away regularly.
  • Mop the floor with warm water. Believe it or not, warm water really helps keeping your tiles clean and grime free much better than cold. Try a little warm water mopping.
  • Dry the floor faster. This prevents dust from settling and forming streaks of grime.
  • Try not to excessively use acidic products and agents. This only corrodes the tile. Instead, go for natural agents that still do the job but don’t eat away at the tile such as Mitti Se Floor & Multipurpose Cleaner, SOIL Floor Freshener Lemon, Herbal Strategy Just Mop Spray.

  • Don’t forget to clean the margins of the tiles. Most of the sediment and dirt settles between the tiles. Use a toothbrush to get to it and use a non-toxic oxidizing agent to clear away the dirt. This will help enhance the beauty of your tile.
  • Keep insects away with gentle but effective cleansers. Most of the dust build up over the tiles is dead cells, both your own and that of insects.It is always a good idea to prevent insects from roaming your tiles. The easiest way to do this is to use a cleaning agent that has mild insect repellant properties. However, most insecticides have a harmful odor. The best solution is to use a natural product that does the job well without causing sickening fumes such as Nomos Terra Clean Floor Sanitizer.

It is always good to start simple and before-hand. If you have just moved in or are looking to change tiles, save yourself the headache of tiling and clean your tiles with ease. Try these simple methods and watch your tiles gleam for at least a few years!


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