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Bringing a new pet home brings with it both responsibility and joy. It is almost the same as bringing home a baby; with one notable difference. Pets (i.e. puppies, kittens etc.) are more mobile than your infants. They can jump and reach heights your infant cannot and, with this, they are infinitely more curious, touching and probing anything and everything. While feeding them well and grooming them is important, keeping them safe must be the utmost priority for any new pet owner.

Why pet proofing

As stated above, pets, especially when they are young, are prone to curiosity. As the saying goes, ‘curiosity killed the cat’. To avoid such drastic situations, it is always best to proof your apartment and ensure anything that may harm your pet is safely out of the way.

Besides this, we are surrounded by new-fangled technology at all times which are incomprehensible to our animal friends. Unlike us, they cannot understand it and are most certainly going to attempt to get to it. While keeping your technology safe, it is also important to ensure the safety of your pet in its new environment.

How to Pet-proof your apartment

While we can never really do enough to avoid our pets getting into mischief, we can make some basic changes to avoid drastic consequences. Here’s how:

  • Use child proof latches. This is to ensure they don’t run out of the house or pry into areas where hazardous material is kept, such as your phenol, medications or other tools you use around the house.
  • Unless unavoidable keep medication and other hazardous chemicals on high shelves that your pet cannot reach.
  • Keep foods out of reach. Wrappers on may foods can be harmful. Even some of the food may be unsuitable for your pet.
  • Block all power outlets. This is so that they don’t paw around them and hurt themselves. Use small bits of paper or power point plugs to block them and remove them only when they are in use.
  • Block small places behind appliances and ensure that your dryer, washing machine, oven, stove etc.inaccessible.
  • Keep the toilet lid closed to avoid drowning or drinking harmful chemicals.
  • Put away show pieces and other sharp objects. Do this until you are certain your pet can balance itself to avoid hitting these.
  • Keep dirty shoes and clothes in bins or drawers. Pets are prone to swallow these or bite these and get infected.
  • Keep all dangling electrical wires out of reach. Pets like to chew through these and this poses a chance of electrocution.
  • Keep them well groomed. Avoiding infections is the first task of any pet owner. Even at the mild suggestion of tick infestation, use a mild insect repellant on their fur.

  • Keep your home environment mosquito free.
  • Keep your pet clean with regular care and washing. Use mild soaps to avoid rashes or reactions.
  • Keep rodents and pests out of the house. Use mild agents and insecticides as pets are often sensitive to harsh agents and chemicals. Inhaling harsh fumes can be harmful for the pet. Use natural organic products to keep rodents and pests out.

While we all love our pets almost as much as our children, we rarely go out of the way to ensure that our pets are safe in our homes. We often baby proof our apartment, so why not do the same for our pets? After all, new pets are rather like babies themselves, stumbling around trying to find out what’s best for them in their new environment. Pet-proof your apartment today and make your pets happy by providing them a safe environment for them to satisfy their natural curiosity!


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