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Your house is an extension of your personal self. Your personality reflects through the décor that you select for your home. While transforming your home, the use of artwork and paintings can uplift your living. Buying a good oil painting form an established artist is a smart investment. A good painting stands the test of time as its value increases with time.

Apart from financial standpoint, art is the only refuge that you can find in this chaotic world. It can enhance your quality of life. Paintings can generate a feeling of happiness within you, it can calm your nerves and you can relive nostalgia.

Why buy a Painting?

  1. Painting is an investment piece- Purchasing art can be a smart investment. Buy archive quality ones by established artist or paintings by emerging artists. Remember to keep all the documents related to the painting, for example- the receipt, invoice and documentation. This will be of great use to authenticate the painting and fix a value.
  2. Paintings are a Key to your Happiness. Yes, you have read it right. We live in a world of increasing stress leading to health and psychological issues. Paintings are great way to improve your quality of life. Think about a lively or calming painting on the boring white walls. Only a glance at it and you can kiss your stress goodbye. Whenever feeling a little low, just meditate in front of the wonderful piece of art. It will instantly generate feeling of happiness, calmness and you will have a clearer mind. While meditation you can also use reed diffusers to enhance your senses.

  1. Purchase a painting to support an artist. Any work of art requires a lot of effort and time on an artist’s part. In a world of such competition and hard work, the least you can do is support his fruit of labor and buy a painting. This will not only complement your house, but it is also a great way to support an artist to continue with his good work, it is time you gave back to the society.
  2. Instantly light up your abode- Place a painting in the dullest corner of your house and see how it transforms the mundane into lively and interesting. It is not necessary to match your décor color scheme with the painting. Matching the painting with your mind will do the trick. Buy something that will speak to you and your thoughts. The other decorative elements are mere accessories. Paintings are immortal. It goes on to live through ages and is a great heirloom to hand down to your grand children. In addition to it, this also will make your children value the importance of art in their lives.
  3. Stimulate your creative corner of mind. The world is already diseased with a lot of issues and chaos, which can, at times instill the feeling of disillusionment within you. Purchase a painting to create a little space for your creative cells to dance with glory. Art provides a tranquil enclosure for your mind to play around with the creative ideas. It is a universal language, which can weave together cultures and continents.
  4. Paintings express your individuality. Buying a painting that reflects your thoughts and your mind can be a great way of expression. In addition, when living on rental homes, it is a great way to personalize the dull walls. Paintings make a home away from home.

Remember that a good living is not what you eat, what you wear, or even how much you earn. It shows through the way you behave and many behavioral developments happen at home. Therefore, it is essential to make your home an abode of happiness. For more information to enhance your home, click here.


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