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It is never late to go organic. There has been considerable amount of discussions about the benefits of adopting organic food and organic lifestyle. You can create your own organic garden inside your home. Even if you do not own a great deal of spare land, your windowsill and kitchen table are a great place to grow your small herb garden.

Why grow plants inside house

The reason is simple; we eat and breathe in poison. With rising level of pollution, indoor plants are a great way to cleanse the air inside your house. The added benefit being, green plants help to strengthen your eyesight and make a smart choice as a home décor.

Now coming to the fresh food your indoor garden can provide you with necessary supply of vegetables and herbs all the year round. All you need is an open windowsill, soil, a suitable pot and a passion to grow your own organic vegetables.

Vegetables that can be grown indoors

  1. Greens- A wide range of herbs and salad greens can be grown indoors. All you require is the seed and soil and a mud pot to germinate the seed. Then transfer the germinated seedling to la bigger pot to grow the greens. Herbs like basil, thyme, chives, peppers and coriander grows in kitchen by using containers.


  1. Seed tubers- You can grow your own organic potatoes in home garden. Seed tubers like potatoes generally require outdoor settings but with large pots, buckets as well as sacks you can now grow your own potatoes at home.


  1. Beans and peas- These two veggies are a great accompaniment for your salads and what better way to get them that growing your own organic ones. French beans and peas can grow in a pot in your indoor garden. However, keep in mind that these should be dwarf runner beans or dwarf broad beans.
  1. Mushroom- Your soups will be incomplete without mushrooms. So grow some at home. It is an ideal crop to grow indoors as it requires no extra hassle. Prepare compost with vegetable peels and leave the mushroom spawns in it. Water the compost regularly and leave in a dark and damp place like your attic or kitchen cupboard. Healthy, organic mushrooms will grow within a few weeks.
  1. Tender crops- tender crops like tomatoes, eggplants and baby peppers can be grown indoors. These easily raised vegetables can be grown form seeds or small plantlets. Plant the seed in a box or a pot and once the seed has germinated, leave the pot on the windowsill to get your crop of tomatoes, peppers and eggplants.


Tips to grow plants inside your house

  1. Select a proper place for your mini organic garden. It can be your windowsill, or your balcony or even your kitchen table.
  2. Analyze how much light the selected space receives. Whether it receives good amount of sunlight or is it scanty
  3. Depending upon the above two factors select, the plants that you want to grow. If the selected space is large and plenty of light falls there then you can go for plants that require larger space.
  4. The next defining factor is temperature. If it is, a dark and damp place then grows delicate herbs, berries and mushrooms there.
  5. Only choose organic soil. The main intention of growing plants indoors is to receive organic fruits and vegetables or to cleanse the air. You beat the purpose by using outside soil, which contains weeds, germs and chemicals. Use authentic organic soil form a nearby nursery and grow your plants.
  6. It goes same for pesticides and fertilizers. Use natural or organic fertilizers and pesticides for your indoor plants. By using chemicals, you will lose the purpose of growing plants indoors.

Begin your organic lifestyle by growing plants in your house. We humans have already harmed Mother Nature. It is time that we restored the nature by planting seeds. For more information on organic life, click here.



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