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The results of many recent scientific studies has produced a combination of chemical compounds that can be used to block the mosquitos from sensing the human presence. It can be achieved mainly due to the fact that mosquitos rely on sensing the released chemical elements from human bodies like Carbon Di-Oxide, Lactic Acid and Octenol. Anti-mosquito patches are used to block the release of such chemical and repel the mosquitos away from detecting a human presence.

Vitamin patches

Vitamin patches work by supplying essential vitamins like Vitamin B1 into the blood stream of a deficient body to help combat detection by mosquitos. These vitamins get released through the body pores and can reduce the effect of those chemicals which acts as signal providers. Since the vitamins are supplied throughout the body by the circulatory system, a patch used on one spot will shield the entire body from mosquito detection.

The concern about the excess vitamin intake can be easily addressed by the fact that Vitamin B1 is a water soluble vitamin. Unlike other fat soluble vitamins, it doesn’t get accumulated in the body and are completely safe. Excess buildup and accumulation of fat soluble vitamins like Vitamin A and Vitamin D are known to result in illnesses such as dry skin, rickets and eye diseases. The water soluble vitamins used in mosquito patches are not prone to accumulation and they are easily passed out of the body through pores.


Open the seal of the packet and remove one patch from its backing. Make sure the other patches are kept attached to their backing, otherwise they will lose their effects. Stick the mosquito repellant patch on an area of your skin where there is not much hair and leave it to be for at least two hours. That gives the body enough time to entirely absorb Vitamin B1 and shield it from mosquito bites.

When swapping for a new patch after the old patch is exhausted, make sure you put the new patch on a different area of the body and not on the same area where the old patch was put. The recommended areas to patch are abdomen, upper arms, shoulder and lower back. In a single time, people who weigh under 80 lbs can use a single patch where as those who weigh above 80 lbs need a double patch.

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