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Everyone wants to live according to their norms. The rules and regulations which they can mould as per their requirement. People call you to visit their place and spend some quality time with them. But as you are a guest to someone, you need to stick to the rules.Everyone wants to spend holidays smoothly and happily and suddenly you come across an uninvited guest. What will be your reaction? No need to tell, everyone knows it. People usually lose their mind when they find unwanted guest at their place. At least you can control the kids who has come. You can impose certain limitations on them, but how will you feel when your guest ignores to your humble request? Obviously, you will lose your temper but you would be unable to do anything. You can’t even ask them to behave in certain manner. Don’t get confuse, these guests are none other than uninvited insects in your house.

These insects feel free to roam around in our house and we cannot do anything. Some insects are so creepy that you don’t even go nearby it. These unwanted insects can be cockroaches, mosquitoes, bugs, ants, rats and many more. All these insects spread some diseases which can be very harmful sometime. Like dengue, malaria, chickengunia; these all diseases get spread with a single bite of mosquito. Sometime, these diseases can lead to death. You should always drive away these type of insects which can harm your life. There are some natural ways to keep them away from human. Those some ways are:

  • Vinegar: You might have come across this incident, when you leave some sweet dish behind, there are many insects which get attracted. Ants are one of them. Within few minutes ants get to know about uncovered sweet dish and it starts attacking your food. Vinegar is a disinfectant and even repels the ant. You should spray vinegar on area where you have the ant problem.
  • Onion: Are you planning a jungle trip and have no plans to return early at your place. Places like this have lots of mosquitoes which can cause some life taking diseases. So before leaving for such places, rub onion on your skin. This remedy really works and can repel the mosquitoes and insects away.
  • Lavender: You must be a host for many bugs who don’t even want your invitation to roam around in your house. They can easily go anywhere. It’s like, they have the excess to every corner of your house. Sometime bugs really irritate a lot. Lavender is a flower which is very beautiful and attractive and it can also help you to drive away the bugs.
  • Coconut Oil: This oil is used almost in every field. For cooking, to apply in hair, to apply on body and many. Whenever insects attack you, just apply coconut oil on your body. You can get coconut oil anywhere as it is very common.

These natural ways are very useful and can really help you to drive away the insects from your house easily. But some time these home-made remedies do not work properly. In those cases you should use organic products which can help you to keep your house insects free. Some of them are:

  • Anti-Cockroach: You must have noticed that your place is a permanent resident of cockroaches. In every corner of your house, you find them. And the most irritating part is; you cannot ignore them easily. Sometime these insects can cause many diseases like diarrhoea as they feed on your food and you are totally unaware about it. These organic cockroach repellent can be of very useful to you. The main advantages of these cockroach repellent are they are chemical free i.e. they do not cause any type of suffocation. Anti-Cockroach not only drives them away but also kills them.

  • Anti-Lizard: The creepiest insect which roams around very easily is lizard. People are usually afraid of lizards and find it very difficult to drive them away. You can use organic anti-lizard repellent which is 100% chemical free. This product can last for about 6 months. Just apply them on the outer side of your door and window and it will surely kill all the lizards.

  • Anti-Mosquito: The insect which irritates you the most is mosquito. Mosquito can cause life taking diseases like dengue, malaria and many other. You can apply anti-mosquito spray at your place. Before, you use to vacate the place for around 2 hours when you used to apply other sprays but these anti-mosquito is chemical free and do not cause any type irritation in eyes. You can also use anti-mosquito incense stick. Its aura drives away the mosquito easily.

These are some organic products which you can use to keep your house insects free. Now you can live in your house according to your desire. No need to use random remedies to finish them.


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