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Modern day architecture is a graceful stir of ancient wisdom discovered in many cultures across the world. The Eastern world has provided its fair share of contribution and one of its most popular is the element of wind chimes. Its function is to provide a positive effect on our souls with the use of felicitous sounds produced naturally by a set of elongated glasses, stones or metals suspended in free air.


Windchimes were first put to extensive use in ancient monasteries, shrines and pagodas. Most of them were innovative in its use of design to produce an ethereal tune. In many Buddhist temples, they are used ornately and profusely, up to thousands in number, around the entire premises. In that manner, wind chimes can produce an almost unbelievable rush of positive sensations. In contemporary China and Japan, residential architectures started to implement a minimalistic use of windchimes. They were capable of producing subtle tunes and resulted in an improved ambiance.

Sound for a sound mind

A pleasant sound can produce a positive effect on the mind. Melodies are often created to help ease the mind’s blockages and drift it into a state of exuberance. It encourages the generation of positive thoughts and affects how we act on the circumstances surrounding our lives. Wind chimes constantly produce the same melodic effect required to keep the mind in serenity and influence our decisions and actions to be based on positive intentions. They are subtle enough, in both tone and variation, to ensure that we don’t get ever get tired of it. In fact, it easily gets submerged in our minds that we don’t even recognize it is happening.

Types of windchimes

Modern day windchimes available in home décor stores are based on principles of Feng Shui. There are various types of Windchimes and each of them are designed on intention to produce different effects. Metal windchimes produce tones which are of higher frequencies than that of the ceramic. According to Feng Shui, the former should be placed in the Northern, North-Western and Western corners and the latter on the Central, South-Western and North-Eastern corners. Wooden windchimes have their own unique sound and they are to be placed on the Eastern, South-Eastern and Southern corners. Feng-Shui experts can provide more precise consultation on achieving the right selection and placement.

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