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Most of the brand names that we see on detergents and cleaners are simply aesthetic enhancers and only help to enhance the smell and appearance while their ingredients are detrimental for both our health and the environment. Here are reasons why choosing organic detergents and floor cleaners is better than going for chemical-laden products.

  • Safe for the skin

Your clothing is next to your skin all the time. Washing them with chemically laden soaps is bound to affect your skin also. Organic detergents leave your clothes clean and comfortable without them irritating the skin.

With organic floor cleaners, your toddler or pre-schooler is safe around since you are cleaning your floor without chemicals. Give them a sponge and a little of your organic cleaner and they can even help you clean the floor without having to worry about any nasty chemicals affecting them.

  • Septic-safe

Septic systems can easily clog up if you are not careful about what is going there. Organic soaps are mild and do not interfere with the normal functioning of the septic systems making them safe to be used in homes.

The chemically laden conventional floor cleaners, many of them also petroleum-based, may seep into water and escape treatment by the water treatment plants. These can affect the environment, our wildlife and the natural resources. By using organic products, we ensure that we are eco-friendly and really going green.

  • Water-supply friendly

Even if homes are connected to city sewers which lead to water treatment plants, using organic detergents and cleaners keeps the water-supply free of any chemicals. Organic detergents and cleaners are made with bio-degradable ingredients which are better in all ways.

  • Improves the quality of air we breathe

Store bought products are laden with toxic chemicals, and use of these products make the quality of air inside our homes more polluted than the air outside. When we use these conventional detergents and floor cleaners, the ingredients make their way into the environment and pollute the air. The natural detergents and floor cleaners help to keep the surrounding air pollution-free making it safe for our family and pets.

  • More effective

Plant-based ingredients work better than chemical concoctions. Organically laundered clothes come out fresh and the floors and tiles gleam. All this can be achieved with lesser amount of soap.

Use natural products to keep your bathtubs, toilets and showers sparkling without them being infected with the smell of bleach. Vinegar used in the showers also does not leave any residue unlike the commercial products.

  • Cost effective

Non-toxic cleaners are much cheaper than conventional products. They are also easily available in most grocery stores. If you buy the concentrated forms, it becomes even cheaper as you can dilute the detergent or the cleaner, as the case might be, to the level that you require. If you go for bulk buying they come still cheaper. Buying in bulk also ensures that you have a ready supply at home and don’t have to rush to the nearest store in case you run out of them.

  • Go Green

Organic detergents and floor cleaners are eco-friendly right from being designed to production to packaging and ultimately distribution. High-quality products, with special attention to health benefits and environment preservation, are produced. So, switch over to organic laundry detergents and floor cleaners to protect the health of you and your family members and keep the planet safe.


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