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What to buy

With the number of candle scents increasing day by day, candle scents now almost need to be divided into genres and subgenres. Scents can range from medicinally calming aromatherapy scents, to seasoned scents like fall and Easter scents, spice scents like cinnamon and peppermint scents, wood scents like birch and herbal scents, floral scents like rose and lavender scents, and even citrus scents like lemon and orange. Each scent matches a different kind of personality and room.

Candles even come in various shapes and forms – there are small votive candles that are a particular favorite for almost any girl because of their small size and elegant packaging. There are pillar candles that are massive in size and come without containers. There are tiny tea light candles that last a mere 5 hours but burn brightly, and then there are even food themed candles that are sculpted to imitate other objects. With so many variations in shapes, sizes and scents, there is a guaranteed scented candle for anyone and everyone.

How to buy scented candles

The task of buying scented candles can seem daunting to any amateur candle buyer, simple by looking at the sheer size, shape and variety of candles available at any bath and body shop. In addition to scents, and shapes and forms, scented candles also come in a variety of ingredients like paraffin wax, beeswax, soy, etc. The consistency of these ingredients can affect your decision of what to buy – while paraffin is cheaper to buy, soy candles are non-toxic and biodegradable, making them the greener alternative.

What is important to note, especially when buying for the first time, is to buy a few trail candles just to test the candles out at first and see how strong and suitable the scent of the candle is. Some candles might smell incredibly strong and amazing when unlit in the container and might turn out to smell completely bland and boring once fire is actually introduced.

Scented candle recommendations

While the debate of which scented candle suits which room best is one that is endless, there are certain conventions that are normally followed by one and all. The following are just a few recommendations and ideas for the choice of smell and location for your next new scented candle:

  • Always go for soft scents in the bedroom:

Soft scents usually mean comforting scents. Whether it may be a classic vanilla flavor or smell of freshly laundered sheets, soft scents need to create a sense of comfort and rest so that when lit, they create an optimal environment where you can relax, unwind and slowly lull to sleep.

  • Always have subtle scents for small spaces:

The last thing you want to add to a cramped room is an overpowering smell. Which is why, it is always better to go with softer and subtler scents like white chocolate or rose scented candles to lighten the room and make it an overall better place to stay in.

  • Have stimulating scents in the rooms where you want to keep awake:

Scents that are usually citrus and spicy have an effect of the body by constantly stimulating your senses and keeping your alert and on your toes. Food related scented candles like chocolate or cookies or cake scented candles always work best near the kitchen so that they stimulate hunger during meal times. Fruity and floral fragrances can elevate the mood of the environment but it is the citrusy scents that truly get the job done in freshening up a dull room.

Now that you know the tricks, grab your bags and pick the best ones that will bring out the aura of your personal space!


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