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We people actually value things only when things are going from bad to worse. It is the same with the heart and related diseases.

Heart disease is anything that affects the circulation of blood in the arteries, thereby creating a block eventually leading to an attack.

Here is a list of the common heart-related diseases

  1. 1. High Cholesterol: One of the most common destroyers of the heart. Consumption of bad cholesterol usually present in oily foods, create a wax like substance in the blood vessels. Therefore the transportation of blood slows down. Cholesterol occurs due to tension and stress too.
  2. The dreaded smoke: Nicotine and smoke from the cigars damages the arteries structure. Also in their presence the heart beats faster thereby increasing the probability of clotting of blood.
  3. Diabetes: Both type-1 and type-2 affected people have almost twice the chance of getting heart-related diseases; such people must be extremely careful and must keep their blood sugar levels in check.
  4. Obesity: Obesity increases the chances of diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol. It is one of the easiest ways to get a heart disease. Again lack of exercise causes obesity.
  5. Hereditary: If there is a heart failure generation in your family, chances double for you to acquire them.

How can you hear your heart cry?

  1. Chest problems: This feeling varies with people. For some there might be heaviness while for others something burning on the chest.
  2. Vomiting: Stomach ache and vomiting should not be ignored. Consult a doctor immediately if the ache is severe and vomiting is regular.
  3. Arm pain: This is actually a symptom of heart attacks. Shooting pains can be experienced in the left arm.
  4. Excessive sweating when there is not that much heat can signal some dangerous reasons.
  5. Swollen legs and arms mean that there is an error with the circulation which can link to a heart problem.

What if you are stuck in the middle of an attack?

If you or your mate has an attack, call emergency immediately. They have the instruments that can control you until the hospital is reached.

Call your nearby neighbours or families or just anyone for help. Do not tackle alone. Try to avoid driving no matter the situation. Keep him or her free from tightness and increase air circulation around.

If your accomplice is suffering, firstly make him calm. Give him aspirin to chew and swallow. Perform CPR if required. Don’t worry the emergency services will help you if you don’t know.

Here's the good news. Following are the tips that use the power of nature to tackle the Disease:

  • Grapefruit juice: It can help in tackling obesity and at the same time increases the calcium channel content in the body thus, reducing heart disease.
  • Fish oil: They maintain a uniform heart rhythm. Due to their anti-arrhythmic effect, they reduce the cases of heart disease significantly.
  • Tamarind: Fibre of tamarind reduces the bad cholesterol. Potassium reduces the blood pressure. And the presence of vitamin C means that even antioxidant intake is there. Overall its a big package of health.
  • Ashwagandha: Power lies all over this herb. Normally eaten to increase immunity, this herb also keeps blood pressure and cholesterol in check.
  • Wheat Germ oil: This oil is extracted from wheat kernel. It is a major source of vitamin B complex and also reduces cholesterol. Other benefits include energy boost and anti-ageing powers.
  • Fibres: Fibres are packed with the ability to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. Both the soluble and the non-soluble ones can be consumed.
  • Bitter gourd: Disliked by many, but its benefits cannot be ignored. Primary use is to reduce diabetes thus also reducing heart disease.
  • Jamun fruit: It is known to control conversion to sugar in the body thus keeping their levels in check.

It is never too late for anything, as a healthy heart is what keeps a man going; but apart from these natural foods, one must exercise regularly. Preventing or tackling heart disease is a war within. If the beats are responsible for our life, we must be responsible to keep beats go 'dhub-dhub' for long.


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