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Up until the late 1900s, researchers were unsure whether organic foods are more nutritious than the conventionally grown produce. A previous study indicated that there were higher levels of pesticides and antibiotic-resistant bacteria in non-organic crops but not significantly more nutritional value in organic

But a new and extensive study indicated that organic products are substantially higher in natural antioxidant, compounds that are linked to the reduction of common heart-related problems.

The study also confirmed that the non-organic products have higher concentrations of pesticides and large concentrations of the toxic metal cadmium. The non-organic products contain what the body does not need and the organic products do.

In simple terms for a healthy and a long lasting heart it is best advised to choose organic product.

Organic in Whole or Part? Read Labels

When it comes to processed foods, watch for these label designations:

  • “Made with Organic Ingredients.” This means that a majority of the product is organic, but the rest can be made up of non-organic. 
  • “95 percent organic.” This 5 percent buffer leaves food manufacturers the option to use cheaper non-organic ingredients if they are on an approved list. 
  • 100 percent organic. This means that the product is completely organic.

Benefits of organic products

  • In general, the organic products have the following benefits when compared to the non-organic products.
  • Even if there is an argument for the over pricing of these organic products, there is no denying the added benefits it comes along with.

Heart problems-

  • Certain chemicals that are present in the non-organic products when consumed over a certain period of time can cause heart-related problems and if it goes unnoticed they can even result in death.
  • The worst of these chemicals is that, most of them do not show any immediate side effects or allergic reactions. In other words, they are nothing different from slow poison.

Antioxidant –

  • The effect that the antioxidants have on the overall health of a person is far more convincing when the antioxidants come from an organic product.
  • This may be due to the fact that the foreign chemicals are not interacting with the essential elements that are required in the prevention of things like Heart diseases, cancer, nervous system problems and vision problems.

Pesticide reduction-

  • Organophosphorus which is the major element is the modern pesticides can be a major factor leading to development problems in the early ages of a child like ADHD, autism and other heart-related issues.
  • So the obvious will be organic products.

Antibiotic resistant-

  • People are very sensitive to issues of health, and they often take precautions to make sure they remain healthy, like getting various vaccines and taking antibiotics as soon as a new strain of bacteria makes them ill.
  • However, non-organic products contain antibiotics to extend the life of the product. This extra dose of antibiotics may actually be weakening the immune system by basically overdosing on antibiotics, thereby reshaping our immune system so many times that it will eventually be unable to defend itself.
  • Giving another reason to prefer organic product more.

A random selfless act is what makes a person a human. Being human requires at least a tiny portion of one’s heart and it’s going to be useless when it already half dead. It’s never too late for anything; for a better-beating heart the best option will be switching to organic products that are good for your health and the environment.

NOTE- It is always better to consult a doctor before using any type of products. If there is any type of allergic reaction or discomfort on usage, stop using the product and consult a doctor immediately.


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