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The life as we know it today demands the best out of everyone. The large amount of activities and opportunities accompany with it loads of hard-work and dedication. The key to leading a successful life today is maintaining a healthy diet and routine. Consumption of Daland fruits and vegetables might seem nothing less than a punishment with the availability of tons of delicious junk food, but in the long run these healthy superfood  are what would help one lead a healthy, long and successful life.


The primary question that people ask is the legitimacy of these superfoods . The doubts that follow get weirder and weirder as some people talk about the nutritional content of junk food being at par with the nutritional and healthy foods while according to many people all food are the same. While these are fairly legitimate questions, one should look at the effects different foods have on the body. While sugary drinks like soft drinks provide the body temporary taste and boost coupled with long-term obesity and mental damage, nutritional healthy food like soya milk or rice provide the body energy along with long term benefits through its fibre and protein content.

The next big problem that people face is the availability and choice of healthy food like Atta over Maida or any other substitute. Atjoybynature.com there is abundance of such organic and nutritional healthy food which would convert your boring and unhealthy diet routine into a healthy and tasty diet plan. The organic materials would provide one with the right amount of nutrients and the dishes that can be made out of them are also delicious. So, it is a win-win situation for a person.


Now comes the question of what combination of healthy foods should one include in his/her diet plan. Should one consume more of rice due to hectic physical commitments?  Or should one consume more of Dal for a lively body? One should be completely aware of the different benefits of consuming some of the major healthy foods or superfood  in order to ascertain the items that should make their diet plan. The main types of healthy food items are:

  • Atta:

This is one of the most basic healthy food in the list. Many households think that they are consuming Atta but in turn they are actually consuming Maida which is an unhealthy substitute of it. One should be aware that Atta provides the body with essential minerals and fibres thus ensuring an energetic and productive body.

  • Rice:

 One of the most staple food item in many households rice is healthy food that can be turned to countless delicious dishes. One must be careful that although Rice is a healthy food that provides the body with the necessary energy, it should be consumed in a certain proportion and quantity to avail the best bunch of benefits.

  • Dal:

Another common and healthy food item which has found its way to millions of plates, dal is the first item that comes to mind when asked preferences for the main course. Organic dals are rich in protein and fibres which is very essential in muscle building and developing body endurance.

Although these healthy superfood  are present all around us, their inclusion in the diet plan remains the toughest bridge to cross. But with some knowledge and will one can open the door to a long and healthy body and life.


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