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Stuffy nose or nasal congestion, as we call it, happens when the tissues inside the nose swell or produce mucus. It comes with little or no warning at all. One moment your baby is breathing perfectly and the next thing you know, you hear those “snuffly” sounds of the baby’s breathing.

Babies have a natural tendency to breathe through nose. So if they have stuffy nose, it might become a problem for them to breathe. Even if they breathe from the mouth, it becomes difficult to feed them.

Causes of stuffy nose are:

  • Developing immune of the baby make him more vulnerable to the cold. So babies can either pick up a cold like that or pick up virus by touching or mouthing toys which may be contaminated.
  • Indoor heating also causes dryness in the nasal passage, making it way easier for a cold virus to occur.
  • Close proximity with the adults or people who have come from the outside also causes stuffy nose.
  • Allergies from certain things can lead to the baby having stuffy nose.


Organic treatment of stuffy nose includes the following:

  • Nose Drops

Put 2 or 3 drops of nose drops inside the nose of your infant after making them lie down and placing some sort of rolled towel or blanket or pillows beneath their heads and pinching the tip of the nose. Wait for 30 to 60 seconds. Then turn your baby on their stomach and catch the falling mucus with a tissue or swab.

  • Honey

Honey, if given in a limited amount to the baby, can also work efficiently in clearing their blocked nose. But it should be given carefully and not in a high amount.

  • Mattress

If a baby gets a good amount of sleep, half of the problem gets solved. Adding a little bit of tilt or lift near the head area on the mattress helps in draining out this problem. A rolled up towel or yoga mat placed beneath the head of the child will also do.

  • Vaporizer

Run the vaporizers during the day time in the rooms of the house and in the room where the baby sleeps in the night. If taken care of the mixture of the vaporizer, whether it is safe for the baby or not, vaporizer can help opening the blocked nose.

  • Fluids

Keep your baby at liquid diet so as to flush out all the germs from the body and staying well hydrated. Water, juices etc. work perfect.

These are some of the treatments which can be given to the infants so as to stop their problem. I hope this was beneficial for you parents. So dear parent, keep reading and enjoy parenting.


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