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Constipation is a condition where bowel movement becomes difficult & infrequent. It is a state where going through the regular bowel motions becomes difficult and leads to stomach bloating and uneasiness.


According to doctors, fewer than 3 bowel movements a week is harmful for the body as toxins in the body gets accumulated. Due to delay in passing motion, the stool becomes dry and hard which makes it difficult to evacuate. Straining while passing motion can lead to serious problems such as rectal damage.


Fibre is the key. Consume fibre rich foods to combat Constipation.

Fibre rich foods – Fibrous fruits add bulk to the diet which in turn helps regulate bowel movements. Foods rich in fibre are corn, barley, whole wheat bread, almonds, apples, orange, legumes, brown rice, pear, peas, broccoli, pomegranate, papaya.

Dates – Eat 3 – 4 dates daily early in the morning.

Ginger Tea – Drink ginger tea with minced garlic pods twice a day to combat constipation.

Saunf (Fennel seeds) – Saunf aids in digestion & is commonly used in Indian households as an after meal mouth freshener. Prepare brew of boiling fennel seeds in water for a homemade laxative.


Avoid deep fried & greasy foods.

Too much of chocolates & sweets, junk foods such as pizza, burgers etc.

Drinking too much tea, coffee & aerated drinks


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