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These days’ people are going through many health problems. 70% people around us are health concerned and do anomalous activities to mould their outlooks into something which they always wanted to. But surprisingly they land themselves into more problematic situations. You should never give a second thought to keep yourself healthy. In fact, human’s first priority should always be healthy body but it doesn’t mean that you should avoid healthy food and beverages which supply a lot of nutrition to your body. And over here beverage means non-alcoholic drinks.

Beverages always attract us and invite us to give a try. There are many beverages which are quite healthy as well as some are intoxicant if consumed on daily basis. Some of them are

  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Juices
  • Soft Drinks

These are some beverages which are usually consumed on daily basis. We should avoid the daily consumption as addiction to anything is undeserved. Some people have tea not on daily basis but on hourly basis and as it is said that addiction to anything can harm you sometime. But according to few people, tea is not at all good for health and should be ignored permanently. That is a pure myth. There is no scientific proof that tea consumption can harm health but on other hand it is proved that organic tea is beneficial for human body in many ways. The organic tea is quite different from simple tea. In simple words you can say that it has more healthy ingredients which work more perfectly for a human body. There is:

  • Green Tea
  • Black Tea
  • White Tea

Tea is a type of beverage which can be easily prepared by adding cold or hot water to it. Organic Tea always helps you in gaining immunity as it has a special formula which gives you special strength. Some of the astounding qualities of organic tea are:

  • Freshens you up: Whenever you are exhausted and feeling sleepy, organic tea is always there to bring you back into life and slap you with more energy and vibrancy. It brings a big smile as it drives away your tiredness totally.

  • Improves Immune System: Like we all know, we do not consume a good and healthy diet regularly. There are some days when you get attracted to unhygienic food and unhygienic means junk food. It surely doesn’t strengthen your system. So one thing is clear, we cannot swallow healthy and simple food all the time but what we can do is, we can switch from normal tea to organic tea as it helps to build up your immunity. It is seen in a research that a tea drinker has better immune system than a normal one.

  • Fights against Cancer: We have antioxidants in tea, named polyphenols, which help the human body fight life risking diseases like cancer. It hasn’t been proven completely but research shows that these antioxidants present in organic tea can help battle this disease.
  • Helps to Burn Fat: We know there are three types of tea and green tea can really help you burn down fat from your body easily and quickly. It is because, tea does not have any calorie in it until milk and sugar is added. The organic green tea can help you make your body look slimmer and fitter.

  • Lung Protection: Coffee is full of caffeine and it has the highest ratio of the same. This fact is wrong. Black Tea has more caffeine than coffee. Smokers who are aware, usually consume black tea. In a study, it has been proved that organic black tea can protect lungs from damage due to active smoking.
  • Hydrated Body: Mostly people consume a lot of tea and it is said that tea can never fulfil our body fluid need. But in a recent research, it shows that black tea has more caffeine than coffee and caffeine leads to hydration. So it is advised to consume organic tea to keep yourself hydrated. But do not over consume it. Over consumption can lead to some health problems. It is always advised to take maximum 5-6 cups of tea and not more than that.

  • Caffeine Ratio: Some people prefer coffee over tea but coffee has more caffeine which in excess can harm your body. Although black tea has more caffeine but normal tea does not. Normal organic tea is always advised to scare away your laziness.

These are some benefits of organic tea which can help you and can protect your body against some life threatening diseases like cancer and lung problems. Organic tea should be consumed as it is chemical free and full of natural ingredients.


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