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Actually the amount of people having diabetes has increased by three times the original amount calculated in 1985s. What has changed in a small span of 30 years? Well the Mercedes cars have been improved drastically and the type of food that the people usually consume as their daily diet has gone from good to worse. Probably even an animal with 5 senses might eat a healthy diet daily than us humans with an extra sense.

What were and are our mistakes over the past years?

Fast foods-

The amount of fast food stores in the country have gone from being 1 in a city to 1 in a street. As bad as this may seem the amount of people who go in to such stores even after the government has cleared asked and advised not to go, is increasing by the day.

Humans are actually very strange; they have always learned only from their mistakes. That might have sounded positive but it’s not when it comes to losing lives of innocent children and adults but in the end since we all need someone to blame, so we end up blaming our government for all the lives that have been lost.

Imbalance of nutrients –

Fast foods have the capacity to satisfy our hunger for the moment. But once the food has been broken down in our stomach the brain realizes that there are absolutely no nutrients that are required for the body and so we tend to feel hungry in a short period of time. Once again we eat something but that also includes fast foods mostly and so there will be an imbalance of nutrients since only the unwanted fats were consumed on both occasions; thus depriving the body of the required fats and proteins.

Thus all these small mistakes done over the years have all ended up as diabetes in our body.

But as they say the past is the past and there is absolutely no point in taking about the mistakes that we all made over just a span of 3 decades. But the future is in our hands; actually spoon, if we all rectify even now we might, just might end up with a healthy life.


Now or never-

The only available option to fight past the disease called diabetes will be to do the following-

But before that;

NOTE- it is always better to consult a doctor before taking any sort of medication or other form of supplements because some people might have an allergic reaction and end up increasing the diabetes instead of the opposite.


  • Researchers are finding that cinnamon reduces blood sugar levels naturally when taken daily.
  • People who love cinnamon can a dash of it in their regular diet, preferably for all the meals taken in the day and night.
  • For those who don’t prefer cinnamon, there is always an option called capsules. Taking a cinnamon capsule will directly inject the required nutrients in our blood stream


  • To help our body’s cells respond properly to insulin one can use Chromium. There are studies that are finding that people with diabetes have lower Chromium levels that people without the disease.
  • Well since chromium is a trace mineral, the best bet it to take Chromium as a supplement in our daily diet.


  • The mineral Zinc plays a huge role in our body’s production and storage of insulin. It is now being brought to light that people with diabetes have a Zinc deficiency.
  • One can go about increasing the Zinc in your diet by either taking a supplement or by eating foods that are high in Zinc. This would include lamb, oysters, pecans, almonds, chicken and sardines.

Although a long and beautiful life can only happen in Pixar movies, we can make life a long one by sticking to the food that all our ancestors have consumed for hundreds of year and if possible try and make our lives a beautiful one by leading diabetes-free life.


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