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One of the big problems which tag along with the winter season for many people is the fact that the skin becomes dull and dry. Also topping the list are chapped lips, roughness near the eyes, itchy and red cheeks, peeling of skin. Such problems affect the skin and makes us look less presentable, no matter how hard we try to make it better using various skin products.

The dryness and roughness of the skin doesn’t just stick around only on the face, but also spreads throughout the skin on hands and feet. The skin gets so dried that it may cause cracking, flaking and eczema- a disease in which the skin becomes inflamed.

And the damage caused during the four months of the winter season takes around the rest of the year to repair and heal.

To prevent your skin from having to deal with these winter problems, use these 5 best products for skin care in winters:

  • Hand and Foot cream

The skin on hands and feet is generally thin and has less oil glands. Thus, it becomes a task to keep the skin of these areas moist. In order to protect them from dryness and itchiness, apply a nice hand and foot cream and apply at least before bed-time so that they remain soft and gentle.

  • Face Oil or Face Wash

Just as our body needs a multi-layer of clothes to protect itself from the chill of the winters, so does our skin. It does need clothes obviously but also needs skin treatment. Applying a few drops of oil at night on the face and massaging it helps the skin from breaking into rough patches.

Face wash in the morning should also be selected according to the skin type, so as to get the best result.

  • Face Mask

Giving a gorgeous glow to the skin and nourishing it from deep inside and immediately repairing it, Face Mask is another most important product to use in winters. Usually, the best face masks to apply in winters are made out of home ingredients. Apply the face mask for not more than 15 minutes and wash it with lukewarm water. Behold soft and glowing skin.

  • Moisturizing Lip Balm

When lips gets dry, lose their natural moisture, luster and shine, it’s an indication of the extreme weather condition. As the skin of lips is extra soft and needs extra care, apply a mild lip balm which has the elements of a natural moisturizer. For healthier, supple and luscious winter lips, opt for a lip balm which keeps the lips moisturized for at least 8 hours.

  • Morning moisturizer

Don’t confuse the summer moisturizer with that of the winter one. Both have different properties and elements which protect the skin in their respective seasons and can’t be swapped.

For winters, choose an oil-based lotion that creates a shield on the skin, protects it from the chill and preserves the moisture inside. Thus, helps in the prevention of dryness of the skin.

Having said all this, don’t forget to drink loads of water. It helps in the replenishment of the skin from inside. So, put these products to the best of their use and protect yourself and your skin from the winters. Enjoy reading and happy winters.


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