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Macronutrients provide the majority of the energy required by the body for its functioning. Micronutrients repair the damaged tissues and also handle some of the bodily functions. Our body is a chemical system of many nutrients. Some of them are:

  1. Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates are chains of sugar and they provide energy. They can be further classified into monosaccharides, disaccharides and oligosaccharides.
  2. Proteins: Proteins help in speeding up metabolism and DNA stimuli. They have chains of amino acids that are joined by peptide bonds.
  3. Fats: Fats regulate the body temperature and helps for a healthy hair and skin. Apart from this, they act as shock absorbers to the body organs. Fats are glycerine molecules with the attachment of some fatty acids.
  4. Vitamin: Vitamin acts as enzyme cofactors. They help in eyesight and are essential for preventing many diseases like rickets and beriberi.
  5. Water: Water is essential in keeping the body from being dehydrated thus preventing strokes, organ failures. They are the solvents in majority of the chemical reactions.

Some nutrients are produced internally by the body while some require supply from outside. Carbohydrates, proteins and fats are to be supplied through diet and are called essential nutrients.Dietary fibre is produced in the body and is called non-essential nutrient. One of the major causes of deaths worldwide is nutritional deficiency.

  1. Lack Of iron: It leads to a condition called anaemia which results in fatigue and weakness. Also, the red blood cells produced by the body will be weaker and its Oxygen carrying capacity reduces.
  2. Lack of vitamins: Their shortage can lead to numerous problems. Vitamin A deficiency hampers eye-sight and weakens immune system. Vitamin B deficiency causes weakness and can also lead to memory loss and confusion. Vitamin D deficiency causes the bones to become weaker.
  3. Fatty acid deficiency causes diarrhoea and liver damage.
  4. Lack of Carbohydrates leads to weaker body structure, in turn, leading to cramps, poor cognitive power and sleeplessness.
  5. Protein loss leads to growth retardation, depression, lethargy and

Every part of nature restores our life in some way. Only we have to have the knowledge so that they can be wisely utilised.

Protein from Nature

Soya products are naturally packed with proteins and carbohydrates. Some of the products include Tofu and soy burgers. All kinds of beans and lentils like the chickpeas, the kidney beans are rich sources of proteins. Dairy products and meat must be regularly consumed to avoid protein deficiency. Keeping grilled or roasted meat is recommended in the diet.

Carbohydrates from nature:

An oats breakfast is the healthiest way to start. Just a cup of oats puts in 100 grams of Carbohydrates. If the taste is bland add honey and nuts to it. All berries are wealthy in carbohydrates. Apart from that, they have anti-oxidant properties and can also turn harmful fat to useful one. Bananas are loaded with carbs. They also contain potassium which improves the muscle and nerve coordination. Nut butter can also be a good source.

Vitamins from Nature:

Apples and carrots are the best sources of Vitamin A. Eat them if you don’t want to wear thick glasses. Vitamin B includes many complexes and acids. Asparagus and Nuts top in their content. Nuts like walnuts and almond improves the blood circulation and also helps in cognitive functioning. Vitamin C is the answer for sugar and blood pressure. Citrus fruits like lime and even Strawberries provide a blast of Vitamin C.Vitamin D is vital for absorbing the calcium required to strengthen the skeletal framework. Cereals and leafy vegetables must be consumed.

Fats from Nature:

  1. Avocados: They have more fat than animal meat at 77%!. They are super-healthy and lower the bad cholesterol.
  2. Olive oil helps to prevent oxidation. They are also filled with armoury to fight inflammation.
  3. Coconuts: They are the most concentrated source of fat. Saturated. Coconuts or their oils control heart disease. Also, consumption of coconut oil boosts metabolism.

It’s not only the eating which matters. Regularly go for a work out so that your body removes all the toxins. Develop a taste for healthy foods with other people around and slowly add to making world a healthy place!


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