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Jam is basically the preservation of fruits with sugar. They come in jar form and can be stored for a long while. Constituents of a jam include the juice of the fruit as well as its pieces and flesh. The origins of jam can be traced the prehistoric era. They used to keep the food out in the sun so that it dehydrates thus making it last for a longer time.

The Creation of the spread!

Jams and spreads are made from one or many fruits. These fruits are picked when they are slightly unripe and they are usually harvested and processed in the fall season.

 The extreme sweetness is because of high fructose corn syrup.

Cane sugar syrup is added for preserving and giving it a long shelf life.

The jelly nature is due to the presence of a chemical called pectin which is found in almost all fruits. Apples, blackberries and cherries are best to gel. Others like strawberries lack gel.

The ingredient Citric acid is added for getting the correct balance of taste in the jam and jelly.

Flavours like Vanilla and Cinnamon can be added for further taste.

All of the ingredients are supplied from outside vendors.

Manufacturing of the spread

Initially, the fruits are inspected for quality. Then they are cleaned and crushed.

The extracted juice passes through the small holes and it further cleans the debris from the surface of the fruit.

The fruit is pasteurised to prevent it from getting spoilt.

Fruits, sugar and pectin are mixed in kettles. Then it is cooked and cooled three times till the sweetness and flavour is obtained.

Pre-determined amounts are jammed are filled in glass jars and metal caps are forced on it. Jam-bottles are vacuumed.

What can be the future of the spread?

While the overall jam producing process may bot change drastically. But more and more crazy flavours are being formulated. One example is the garlic jelly.

While being tasty at the same time being healthy, jams have numerous benefits.

Consuming jam in the morning boosts up energy due to its sugar content.

Calorie content of jam is lower than butter and it also is low in cholesterol levels.

Though in the jelly form, the eternal power of fruits still exist. Some of them include cancer preventing properties, anti-oxidant abilities. Also, blood pressure levels can be maintained.

One can get the taste of berries of any season all year round.

Collections of spreads available in nature:

Well there are over hundreds of them. Some of the most delicious ones include:

  1. Apple Pie: This highly sweet jam works best with bread and can also be used as a dessert topping. It can be prepared by using 7-8 cidar apples, ginger and cardamom.
  1. Berry jams are power packed in nutrition and they cater to almost everyone's taste. One can relish their taste all year round. Pick up the best berries from the farm, add sugar and liquid pectin to it to make your own jam.
  1. Strawberry Vanilla jam - This colourful fusion may be forever tempting. A hint of vanilla to strawberry also results in a pretty colour. Choose the best ripe strawberries, a single or two vanilla beans, sugar and lemon juice. You now can jar your own strawberry jam.

  1. Rhubarb Orange Jam: Frozen rhubarb works the best. The freshness of orange adds further life to it.
  1. Peach and lavender jam: Be sure to pick the really juicy ones!
It does take a lifetime to taste all the available jams and spreads. Jams with cheese and bread make a heavenly breakfast. All berry jams can be used with goat cheese. Orange jams work best with Gouta cheese. Mozzarella and Apple provide the best taste. Spread this power on your life and see the fruits and juice flavouring all around.


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