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Right from the time we wake up to the time we get back to sleep, we are faced with some kind of work, one way or the other. Be it going out of the house or performing any task inside the house, we need energy to perform these tasks. Getting the right amount of food and proper exercise can help the person to stay energised throughout their life.

The food that we intake regularly provides the energy to carry out our day to day activities. But there are cases where one needs some extra energy to perform tasks. People who are involved in outdoor activities like the athletes or people going out for work need some energy apart from the one that is got from taking up their daily meals. The same also applies for women who are pregnant, who need more energy mainly during that phase of life.

These energy boosters are generally food supplements that are made of stuff found in nature and are completely organic. Being organic in nature, these do not seem to show any kind of side effect when consumed. All said and done, people who are thinking about buying any of the product, especially the pregnant women, need to consult their doctor to know about their energy requirements and also their allergies to particular foods.

Energy boosters as a food supplement

The food that we eat needs to have all the required components to call it a balanced diet. There are cases where people turn to foods rich in sugar or that are rich in caffeine whenever they seem to be down on energy. This does not have much of a bad effect when consumed once. But the components in these types of foods turn this food habit into some sort of addiction which proves to be fatal to the life of the person in the longer run. People who binge eat these foods just for energy have seen to be affected with some sort of heart disease or some disorder in the later stages of life.

The energy boosters that are advised to be taken as a food supplement need to be devoid of these components or have them in a minimal quantity. We can see that these food supplements are generally made from foods that are rich in iron, good fats and the required vitamins and minerals.

Foods to be taken as supplements

Foods that are taken as supplements provide the energy that one might not entirely get from the food they eat. One cannot simply afford to feel fatigue or nausea right in between of the work they are doing. These food supplements are sure to keep the day running and have also proven to be effective in the longer run.

  • Iron rich foods:

Iron is found to be abundant in the green leafy vegetables. These are a much need for women, especially those who are pregnant or those who are in their PMS. These foods are considered to be very much essential for the blood circulation and provide energy like no other food can.

  • Lycopene:

This particular compound can be found in tomatoes. They have high antioxidant properties and helps in keeping cancer at bay.

  • Fruits extracts:

These fruit extracts can be taken up as capsules or in the form of tonics. These are completely made of nearly all the essential components that the person needs for their well being. The extract is obtained from what people call as the “super fruits” which include berries, oranges and grapefruit to name some.

  • Whey protein:

This is the liquid that can be obtained from the curd. This is available in the form of powders. This is taken as a food supplement for people who are in need of strong bones and those who are involved in heavy workout.

These are top food supplements that can be added to the daily meal for increasing the energy. Energy supplements which are completely organic by nature are the best for health since they are free of preservatives.


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