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What is organic vinegar?

Organic vinegar is vinegar in its natural form, fermented from fruits. It contains an abundance of vitamins and minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and crucial elements like phosphorous, magnesium, calcium, copper and iron. The process of manufacturing the organic vinegar is completely organic. Not one chemical or synthetic product is used throughout the procedure so the organic vinegar has all the retained health enhancing properties of the vinegar.

It has a high place in the hearts of people who have benefitted from it or those who know what the organic vinegar is capable of achieving for you.

How is organic vinegar different form non-organic vinegar?

Non-organic vinegar is obtained by pasteurization of vinegar. It has bright colour which is visually appealing to you. But don’t be lured by it. The heating during pasteurization and distillation processes, done to expand the life of packaged vinegar, destroys the naturally existent bacteria-friends, nutrients and enzymes. These, however, remain preserved in the organic vinegar. Organic vinegar is therefore easily acceptable by the body and obviously, more effective.

Organic vinegar can be distinguished by a cloudy appearance that is due to the presence of what is called ‘The mother of vinegar’, which is the essence of all the goodness of the vinegar.

Vinegar is being used in various households and cooking ingredients since centuries. It is also a name people remember when health issues crop up. Let us revise the 7 best health benefits of organic vinegar.

1           Antimicrobial and antibacterial properties

  • Bye-bye bad breath. Intake of apple cider vinegar kills microorganisms responsible for bad breath.
  • Deodorant for smelly feet. Dabbing the feet and in between fingers kills the bacteria you’ve collected throughout the day and gives your feet a fresh and upbeat smell.
  • It will cure your acne. Now, you can scorn if you will but you’ve got to try it out to believe.
  • Use it to clean wounds. Dilute and dab on wounds. It works better than your normal antibacterial you keep in your first aid kit.

2           Detoxification

Although vinegar is acidic, once inside, it helps counterbalancing the acidic content in your body. It balances the Ph levels. It also helps blood circulation by improving it and cleanses the liver, thereby making you healthy. The detoxifying property even helps in proper digestion.

3           Lose weight with organic vinegar!

Control your diet with organic vinegar. A research has concluded that people who consumed organic vinegar before eating the same meal felt more satisfied two hours after eating compared to those who took only the food. In simple words, organic vinegar can keep you from eating unnecessarily for a longer time when you are actually well fed. In addition to this, the fibres in organic vinegar are also known to break down fat.

4           For your Heart

The organic and unfiltered apple cider vinegar helps in catalysing the production of nitric oxide in the body. This leads to relaxed blood vessels and an overall smooth cardiovascular system. Consequently, high blood pressure is also relieved gradually within a time of months of consumption.

5           Small steps against cancer

Cancer is caused by crazy, disorderly cell division and cell growth at the wrong places. Regular intake of apple cider vinegar with fruit juices can shrink tumours and kill cancer cells to some extent. A steady intake is therefore advised for stable health.

6           Can work on lowering sugar Levels

Vinegar is known to heighten insulin sensitivity and plays a role in lowering blood sugar responses significantly during meals. It keeps sugar level normally stable, lowering glucose and regulating insulin count. People with diabetes or pre-diabetic symptoms are advised to take calculated doses of organic apple cider vinegar before meals.

7           Treats cramps and restless leg situation

A low presence of potassium in your blood can contribute to the restless leg syndrome and frequent cramps. Small amounts of organic vinegar daily with your food can ensure a rise in potassium levels prevent these situations.

The organic vinegar is very useful and very effective. You should definitely know the variety of causes it can help in and use it for the correctly. Enjoy a strong, natural health.


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