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Organic tea plant is basically grown in tropical and sub-tropical regions. For the plant to seed, it takes approximately 12 years and another 3 years of growth. Even of a full grown healthy plant, the top 1-2 leaves are plucked out for going into the organic tea. If you take organic tea after every morning meal, you will stay fresh and peppy all day long.

According to the processing, organic tea leaves are widely classified.

  1. Black tea: In this, the organic tea leaves wither and water is completely evaporated from them and thus they absorb more oxygen. Black tea is very popular among people.

  1. White tea: The processing of white is the most simple. They also wither in order to stop oxidation.
  1. Green tea: The colour of the green tea is green because it is unoxidised. It is the healthiest of all. These organic tea leaves are heated to kill out the enzyme that would cause oxidation.

  1. Oolong tea: These are the organic tea variety which are partially oxidised. For oolong, large leaves are cut, withered and rolled, finally fried.

Due to the existence of organic tea over a long time, it has become a part of many cultures. Mainly organic teas are used in social gatherings.

Organic tea was first introduced in China. Even today many tea houses can be found. They are stocked will almost all varieties of organic tea. People come there for relaxation and play.

India is the one of the largest producers of tea. Organic tea in India is consumed on a regular basis almost 2-3 times per day. They are served to guests. One of the most famous forms of Indian organic tea is the Masala chai.

Morocco was the first green tea importer. Green tea is made with a dash of mint. They are a feast to the eyes as well as the tongue. Moroccan organic tea is served with cookies or the local brown sugar. Organic tea making is an art in the country.

The Great Britain consumes tea the most. Usually, the tea served there is black tea into which milk and sugar is added. The culture of ‘tea break' during work hours first started in Britain. Every formal or informal ceremony calls for a cup and saucer full of hot tea.

American people drink organic tea throughout. Iced organic tea was first introduced in the southern United States. The most organic tea consumed is the Black tea followed by Green and Oolong.

Organic tea: The best medicine

  • Firstly they contain anti-oxidants that help in anti-aging and pollution effects.
  • With all the advantages, organic tea has lesser caffeine so there will be no more indigestions or headaches.
  • Drinking organic tea helps to clean the artery pipes and ensure a uniform blood flow. Thus, they help to prevent heart attacks and strokes.
  • Along with the milk, the organic tea also results in stronger bones. Compared to non-drinkers even at old age, those who consumed organic tea were found to have stronger set of bones.
  • Because of the polyphenols, green organic tea is found to fight against cancer.
  • Organic tea strengthens the immune system and helps them to defeat any form of microscopic invasions.
  • Organic tea loves happiness! It is responsible for a clean and healthy smile. The fluorides and tannins prevent plaque.

  • Organic tea helps in weight loss as it increases metabolism. Therefore, with just a drink you can burn an additional 100 calories.
  • It's light on the weight as it is calorie free. Note that the calories do increase when a sweetener or milk is added.

Organic tea brings in more flavours and they are increasingly used all across the world. Beat stress, calm down with a cup of organic tea and rewind back life to relive once again.


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