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Food and water make our body. ‘You are what you eat’ is the most famous food saying if you talk of the most fit group of people on earth be it yoga gurus, Ayurveda and naturopathy followers, celebrities who eat to maintain just the right figure and body or sports people. All these people ensure to have keen eye on what is going inside their body because truly wrong food can cause a lot of harm and right eating habits are a boon for followers.

The following blog will talk about four basic eating habits and most neglected food habits which weigh a lot when it comes to their importance for healthy body.

Eat a balanced diet: Look what is going into your plate. Having a fruit or some salad once or twice a week won’t help. Balanced diet means that you are eating right every time you are eating. Let’s throw some light of wisdom gained from many self-experiences and experiments. Allowing yourself to treat on your favourite food be it sweets, fried or any junk food is not a crime if done in regulated and controlled manner. Treats make you happy and happiness also boosts your metabolism. Eat right most of the time and party compulsorily at regulated intervals. This will also let your digestive tract and mind remember the taste and feel of party foods so as to adjust to them.

Proteins, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, starch and even fats; all should be included in your daily diet but in the amount that complements your gender, age, profession, workout routine and present health condition. For details of your needs consult a dietician before making random decisions for yourself.

Even fats and carbs are good

In above discussion about balanced diet we included fats and carbohydrates as part of balanced diet and yes, this is true to all extents. The fact has been verified by nutrition and diet researchers all over the world that our body does need fats, oils, starches and carbohydrates but in regulated amount. Its excess just gets accumulated in the body and becomes first visible as weight gain and followed later by other health ailments. Like said above analyse your diet needs and this will give you clear idea of how much fats are fit for you.

Fats and carbohydrates are used as energy molecules in the body and calories are needed by our body to perform each and every task. Even digestion burns calories. Even if you are dieting to lose weight you have to cut down on fats but not completely omit them from your plate because these fat molecules are essential lubricants needed in the body and their importance cannot be ignored. Just explore healthier fats in from your options like nuts, healthy cooking oils like olive or coconut oil etc. This can help you get your daily dose of fat without the load of extra calories.

Take small servings and eat slowly

Make best of what you eat! Nutrients from food reach your blood after being absorbed by walls of your digestive tract. Breakdown and absorption of food are thus important phases of the process of digestion. Eating slowly means not gulping your food. Chewing your food properly and completely aids in mixing it with digestive enzymes present in the saliva.

Eat smart

Choose your food intelligently. Reading the label for any processed food is must if processed food is a necessity else avoid it. Include some food items from superfood category in your diet which are known to be full of health enhancing nutrients. Some such food items can be flaxseeds, honey, granola health bars, nuts, stevia, green tea, apple cider vinegar and many others. These should be considered as healthy snacks and supplements but in no way should replace regular fruits, veggies and protein intake.

Love your food and so select it intelligently and eat it properly, so as to get maximum benefit from it. Try to stay away from processed food and give preference to natural products as much as possible. Organic fruits, vegetables and other food items are taking much space in the market today and yes, they have health benefits so take your pick change your choices and reap benefits of healthy eating habit in form of healthy and longevity in life.

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