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Hair care is a whole new world for researchers, product scientists and manufacturers and off course us. We all love our hair and gender bias has no role here! In the following blog, we will be touching some common lifestyle habits by ways of which you might be unknowingly damaging your hair.

Know your hair type and growth pattern for better results

To start the journey to better hair, first step is to analyse the kind of hair you have, your hair growth as well as hair fall pattern. Knowing answer to all these questions will bring you closer to deciding on corrective measure for your hair better.

Hair problems can range from hair thinning, premature greying of hair male or female pattern baldness or excessive hair fall. All these cost you volume, shine and suppleness of your hair. Firstly, keep an eye on your pillow covers, comb and towels or shower caps to know your hair fall pattern. Secondly, checking closely or with cross reference to old photographs check for thinning or greying pattern of hair. Third step of analysis would be to check if you have dandruff and if it is seasonal or more frequent. This gives you an idea of the kind of scalp skin you have. Also with help of paper towel check if you have or do not have oily scalp two or three days after shampooing. With this information in hand you are ready to work on your hair growth resolution in a more prepared manner.

With clear insight into what is your hair like, start to know what your hair actually like or do not like!

Don’t rest after having hands on the above mentioned critical information about your hair because there is still a long way to go to achieve those celebrities like hair.

Some lifestyle habits like smoking, excess alcohol consumption, frequent consumption of junk food, lack or exercise, any kind of mental stress or even lack of hydration are majorly responsible for causing hair problems in 70 percent of cases. If you are victim to any of these ‘be happy’ because you can say ‘Hello’ to healthy hair by changing your lifestyle (simple, ‘YAY’). Other reasons for hair issues can be medical like hereditary, side effect of some disease or drug. In such cases, you need medical help and specific treatments to get on track with healthy hair.

Maintain a diary to tick your routine habits especially those mentioned above like diet, junk food, exercise and even stress. Jot down the dates and frequencies in most methodical way and be sure to be regular with daily diary inputs. Give yourself two weeks and you will soon know specific habits you need to work on to improve your lifestyle. In all, maintain healthy lifestyle with following important key points in your head:

  • Exercise daily. Say yes to yoga and meditation (even if for short duration daily) to reduce mental stress
  • Stick to balanced diet (don’t starve but opt to eat healthy, even if on a diet plan) plus maintain daily intake of minimum 2 litres of water.
  • Quit smoking; reduce alcohol and junk food consumption.

With above the list of efforts you can do for your hair does not an end!

Having a healthy hair care routine is a very essential step in the process. Clean scalp provides a healthy bed for hair growth. Include oil massage and appropriate hair masks (depending on your hair and scalp type) to ensure you give enough nourishment from outside as well. Washing regularly cleans the hair and scalp but excess is bad and that too with harsh chemical based cleansers or shampoos is even worse as they rip off your scalp of its superficial protective layer or sebum.

Sticking to natural or herbal products for all types of hair treatments including dyeing, conditioning, colouring, hydration masks and cleansing, works in most gentle way for your hair. Make a routine and follow regularly for better results. All chemicals in your hair care products also get absorbed into your skin so say ‘NO’ to them as far as possible.

To, conclude we can say that key to healthy hair is lots of happiness in heart and strong resolution to have healthy lifestyle as mentioned above.

Have great hair and be ready to impress other with enhanced personality. Click here for more information about hair care.


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