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Are you sacrificing snacks so that you can cut off the intake of calories in your diet? Are you starving yourself in between the major meals so that you do not become fat? Then stop and listen. The key to losing weight is to munch upon snacks, healthy snacks. Snacking gives your body an opportunity to refuel your body in between meals. Healthy snacks will make sure that your hunger is satiated in between meals, which will not make you eat large portions during mealtime. Remember, the key to losing weight is not starving yourself but to burn more calorie that what you intake.

Here are some of the delicious yet healthy snacking products that can curb your cravings and do not affect your diet plan.

  1. Berries- Berries make a great choice when it comes to snacking. Berries such as blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries and cranberries a power packed with nutrients. They also have lesser sugar content than any other fruits. The presence of Vitamin C makes them great as fat-burning food. The fibers present in berries help to keep the stomach full and with all the vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants berries are the best snacking product for your diet. You can either mix the berries in yogurt or eat them fresh. In any form, they are your best friend.

  1. Trail Mix- These are diet friendly snacks, but not low on fat. Trail mix typically is a mixture of walnuts, nuts, almonds, dried berries, raisins and chocolate chips. They make a satisfying healthy snack if you keep the portions within control. Trail mixes are healthy and tasty giving your diet a variety and controlling the sweet tooth. Nuts are a great source of healthy fats and berries and raisins provide the vitamins with dark chocolate chip providing the anti-oxidants. So munch on the trail mixes to keep hunger at bay.

  1. Crackers and cottage cheese- Munching on cookies can be a great stress buster. However, when on diet you must avoid the more attractive chocolate chip cookies. Instead, indulge in a few organic crackers and cottage cheese. A half cup of cottage cheese contains your daily requirement of protein. The fat and protein in this combo can keep your stomach full until the next meal.

  1. Tomato soup- Tomato soups are more of a mini meal. Soups are a great way to satiate hunger and provide some nutrition to your body. If you are late for supper, then instead of starving yourself enjoy a piping hot bowl of tomato soup. Not only does it satiates hunger but also provides your body with healthy nutrients. Nutrients like potassium, lycopene makes tomato soup an ideal snack in between meals.

  1. Nuts- when it comes to healthy snacking nothing surpass the mighty nuts. Any kind of nuts, like almonds, walnuts, cashews each one is a gem of a snacking food. Nuts in general are high in protein, which is satiating. Then again, they are rich in unsaturated fat, which again makes your appetite full. Nuts have high content of fiber and are resistant to digestion. Your body does not absorb one-fifth of their fats. This may cause your body to burn more calories while attempting to digest it.

Therefore, opt for smart snacking, which is low on sugar and high on protein and fiber, which will make your diet, plans all the more attractive.


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