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Our body is most likely to catch disease at the time of changing weather. So, it is important to eat healthy foods that build immunity. Proteins, antioxidants, certain vitamins and minerals are essential for a hale and hearty immune system. Studies show that our immune system's efficiency decreases as we grow old but this can be decrement rate can be slowed by taking proper nutrition.

Selecting right food for immunity building is a healthy step to keep your body happy. Taking multi-vitamin, enough sleep and these foods in your diet can help improve immunity:

  • Yogurt: Probiotics  present in yogurt help in improving immunity and digestive system as well. Including yogurt in your diet is great way to get calcium. It also offers a perfect  blend of protein and carbohydrates as an energy packed snack
  • Green Tea: Plant antioxidants in green tea make it immunity  boosting beverage. It's bitterness can be alleviated by adding lemon and honey to it.
  • Vitamin D: Laboratory studies reveal that nutrients help immune cells to identify and destroy the bacteria and viruses that make us sick. Vitamin D consumption helps reducing the disease catching by our body up to 40%. Experts also recommend D supplement.

  • Soluble Fiber: Abundant in citrus fruits, apples, carrots, beans and oats—helps fight inflammation. Eating enough fiber helps in preventing chronic diseases. It is recommended to have 25 to 38 gm fiber per day. Soluble fiber can also be gained by eating whole grain bran flake cereal and banana with skimmed milk, for breakfast. It is recommended to eat at least 24 almonds mixed with a quarter cup of raisins.

  • Oats and Barley: These contain beta-glucon which is a type of fiber only which has antioxidant ant antimicrobial qualities. It boosts immunity, improves wound healing speed and helps antibiotics work better.

Many products are available in the market that are rich in oats.

  • Mushrooms: Mushrooms are the conventional food for a healthy immune system. They increase the activity of white blood cells, making them more insistent which is a good thing if you catch an infection. 

However, eating healthy food is just not enough. It is important to get proper sleep and managing stress. One should also avoid tobacco smoke and drink less alcohol because excessive consumption impairs the immune system and increase vulnerability to lung infections. There are many supplements for food that build immunity available which can help.

So, making your immune system strong is the first step for a making a healthy body.


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