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Whether people are thin or fat, they somehow get into this race in a bid to attain the perfect or the zero shape. On the other hand, we have a lot of genuine obese contestants. Obesity is the leading cause of death. Every 1 in 3 is obese. Obesity can strike you due to many reasons:

  1. Lifestyle: A lazy one and lack of exercise. Again, the reason for this is technology. For commuting there are cars, for entertainment there are games and the TV. Lack of physical movement builds fat, and thus leads to obesity.
  1. Health problems: Lack of thyroxin production leads to slower metabolism and weight gain. Cushing's syndrome can occur due to excessive intake pf medicines. This involves the growth of fat in the upper body and in arms and legs.
  1. Lack of sleep: An indirect factor though. People who are awake for longer hours tend to eat more junk and carbo-rich foods which can lead to obesity. Also hunger strikes more when sleep is less.

  1. Age: As you age the muscle portion of the body reduces. If this is not compensated by less intake of food, then it can result in obesity.
  1. Smoking: While smoking your body metabolises food faster. But after you quit, the rate decreases sharply and weight increases sharply too.


Once into the race, even the process crash diet or can lead to diseases. Bearing the weight all the while can also be serious. Tricky right?

  1. The consequences can be mental, physical and emotional. Physical problems mainly deal with the heart due to increase in cholesterol. Also, obesity first causes high blood pressure and diabetes due to excess of sugar and salt intake. Obese people are more prone to gall bladder problems.
  1. Mentally it can lead to depression of falling behind the others. Also increased social negligence contributes to the blues. Anxiety peaks up at this stage. Lack of concentration and shorter attention span are the result pf being overweight. Usually the friend circle of fat people decreases and also researches have shown that job opportunities dip for such people.

 Who are the obese?

There is a criteria and a formula for determining the condition of the person. If the body mass index of the person is in the range of 25 to 30, then the conclusion is obesity. Body mass index is obtained by dividing the weight by height squared.

Various communities across the world are taking steps to make sure the public is healthy:

  1. Releasing reports and magazines which discourage junk food and obesity.
  1. Increasing number of parks and their accessibility.
  1. Putting a restriction on the food children bring to school.


So, what is the planet-sized secret to win the race?

Coconut oil: Consumption of coconut oil helps keep the body in shape due to the medium triglycerides which causes efficient energy usage.

Bottle Gourd: Just a little intake of bottle gourd creates a fullness due to which appetite is reduced. Also it is nutrient rich and is very watery.

Apples: They are a power package. Fibre in them curbs appetite. Also pectin found in apples help reduce cholesterol. Moreover, they keep the blood sugar levels in control and the low sodium helps in regular water retention.

Asparagus: Asparagus is the best medicine for bloating. Also the fibre content in it quenches your hunger rapidly. Sugar levels are also maintained.

Chocolate: Very fine news isn't? Chocolate prevents sugar level spikes, by controlling their absorption in the blood. But it must be dark chocolate with minimum 70% cocoa.

Black pepper and lemon: Black pepper contains pingerine which gives it that taste, also this chemical messes up with the genes which have the job of controlling the fat cells production. Lemon on the other hand, helps in digestion.

Peppermint: Peppermint favours the liver by keeping it healthy. This means that the breaking down of fat into productive energy process is carried on.

In spite of all the superfoods, it is extremely necessary to exercise. Go for at least a 30 minute walk daily. Keep the mind free from tension and stress with meditation and spirituality. Win the race and the prize is a healthy, happy and a fresh lifestyle full of energy.


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