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Although the amount of pesticides in the tea might be less, a little amount can be the cause of a lot of known and unknown problems. No danger is always better than little danger and that is why organic tea should be preferred more than commercial tea.

Tea is not just a comforting and pleasant beverage; it is a lot more than that, mainly because of its health benefits.

Although the products that are manufactured in China have less value; tea is not one of them. When it was first discovered in south China, tea was mainly used for its medical properties.

Here are a few reasons why-

Environmental reasons-

  • Organic is good for the ecosystem:

In organic tea gardens, the amount of pesticides used are zero and because of this organic gardens support ecosystems and don’t contaminate local water supplies.

  • Organic tastes better:

By using organic fertilizers, like cover crops and manures, tea plants are allowed to blossom and ripen at their own, natural pace.

Health reasons-

Cancer prevention-

  • Cancer has not been cured through natural ways up until now but studies suggest that organic tea has the ability to prevent or treat any specific types of cancer.
  • Organic tea has the ability to suppress lung cancer and it has also shown that women who drink tea on a regular basis are less prone to breast cancer than those who don’t.

Reduces heart attacks and blood pressure-

  • Drinking organic tea significantly lowers the risk of dying from cardiovascular diseases and also the risk of dying from stroke.
  • The vitamins and nutrients that are present in organic tea are said to inhibit the production of free radicals in the lining of the arteries and also help prevent the formation of blood clots.
  • Regular consumption of organic tea also lowers the risk of developing hypertension.

Increased life expectancy-

  • A survey has shown that the people of Great Britain live a bit longer than other nationalities and the reason behind this increased life expectancy lies in the fact that they have a lot of tea parties.
  • An average British person drinks the same amount of tea as any person would do in about three days. So, some tea then!

Improvement of brain activity-

  • The reason why our headaches sort of disappear after drinking tea is because these contain a vital essential element called L-Theanine which has the ability to improve brain activity and thus lower our headaches.

The proper way to make tea-

  • Brewing tea leaves with hot water results in more antioxidants being poured in the tea.
  • Steeping for three to five minutes is better than less time.

How Many Cups to Drink in a Day-

Most of the studies suggest the more cups of organic tea that one drinks in a day the better, but some also found benefits with just two to three cups a day.

It is always better to counter the problems in our body even before these occur.Since tea has zero side effects and almost zero environment related problems; it might be one of the solutions to tackle such problems.

One might actually be surprised by the amount of health benefits that organic tea has. So fight all sorts of problems in an enjoyable manner.


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